youtube to mp3 converter software – Jaksta Youtube to MP3 Converter

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder is constantly running in the background on your computer as you browse the internet. While you navigate through websites and find YouTube videos, the YouTube to MP3 converter will automatically start recording the videos you open. The URL and video information is copied into the interface of the software. You can stop the download, but there is no option to manually enter the site URL. While the detection usually works well, we found some instances where the videos were not downloaded.


YouTube videos are found everywhere. Whether it???s the latest viral video of the tap-dancing golden retriever or a corporate training video, you are sure to encounter YouTube videos that you want to download and keep. Since most YouTube videos are in the Adobe Flash format, even after you have saved one on your computer, you???ll need to convert it to a more usable file format. The MP3 format is one of the most popular and widely use audio formats. After a file is converted to an MP3 you can export it to MP3 players, cell phones and other mobile listening devices.

The fast YouTube to MP3 converter will capture, record and convert all your YouTube videos. From favorite artists that haven???t released a CD to sounds effects, this application will capture all the best YouTube videos. All the downloading will go on while you browse the internet. Most downloads only take a few minutes and more than one video can be converted at the same time. However, it is best to double check and make sure the video has been downloaded. We noticed a few bugs in the application, and some videos we viewed were not downloaded.

This YouTube to MP3 converter is complicated to use. The interface is cluttered and the options are not clearly labeled. Also, the two-step download and convert process is more labor-intensive than many other similar applications require.

The original video is downloaded in a video file format of your choice. After it has been saved to your computer you can begin the conversion process by either right-clicking the video in the interface or highlighting it and selecting the ???Convert??? option. Both features work equally as well.

This two-step process is more complicated than other similar YouTube video to MP3 converter applications. Many other YouTube to MP3 converters will download and convert the YouTube videos simultaneously. The extra download and then conversion process is slightly more difficult and can be confusing.

This software cannot convert files that are already stored on your computer. It will only convert downloaded YouTube videos. Most other similar applications can convert any audio or video file format stored on your computer???s hard drive.

The manufacturers of this YouTube to MP3 converter software have an email address for customer support. When we sent an email with a few questions regarding the software, we received an answer within a few days. The website also has an area for frequently asked questions.

This YouTube to MP3 converter has an innovative recording feature that will detect and download all YouTube videos. However, the Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder is not very reliable, and it will not automatically convert the videos to MP3 files. This conversion process requires an extra step.