youtube to mp3 converter software – Cucusoft Youtube to MP3 Converter

The CuCuSoft YouTube Mate will download and convert YouTube videos in a quick and simple process. You simply need to copy and paste the URL from the YouTube video into the interface of the software and the download process will begin. After the video is downloaded the software can convert the video to a different format, including MP3. This YouTube to MP3 converter software is simple and uncluttered.


While browsing the internet you are sure to encounter YouTube videos. Whether you come across the videos in your own searches or you get sent an email with the latest viral video, you???re sure to find some you want to keep for later use. However, most YouTube videos are in an Adobe Flash video file format and you cannot simply save them from the YouTube website. This is where the YouTube to MP3 software comes in. This application will download the YouTube videos and then you can convert the files to a variety of different formats, including the MP3 format. This is one of the most popular and universally compatible audio formats available. After the YouTube videos are converted to MP3 files, you can use this software to export them to cell phones, MP3 players or store them on your computer.

After downloading the CuCuSoft converter, find the YouTube video you want to download in an internet browser. Copy and paste the URL into the interface of the software. This address must come directly from a and can???t be an address to a different site where the link is embedded. The downloading will begin after you click ???OK.??? When the file is finished downloading, select the file format you want and click on the icon that says ???Convert.??? When the conversion is finished, the status will say ???Conversion Done.???

The two-step process is more complicated than some other similar YouTube video to MP3 converter applications. Some applications will download and convert the videos simultaneously. However, all the features are clearly labeled and simple to find.

This fast YouTube to MP3 converter software will convert a huge selection of file formats that you may already have stored on your hard drive. This could include copied DVDs or other videos stored on your hard drive. The software can convert to most file formats, but some of the more popular formats include

This YouTube to MP3 converter software is straightforward. The interface is clearly labeled and the features are accessible. Downloading a YouTube video and converting it to a different format is a quick process that involves two short steps. First download the video and then convert it.

The manufacturers of this YouTube to MP3 converter software have an email address available for customer support. However, when we sent an email with a few questions about the software, we never received a response. The website has a list of frequently asked questions.

The YouTube to MP3 converter has a simple-to-use interface and the conversion process is quick. The CuCuSoft YouTube Mate will help you store and organize your favorite YouTube videos on your computer. After the video is converted to an MP3 file format, you can export it to your phone or other mobile device.