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Audials Tunebite 9 Premium can download YouTube videos and convert the files to whatever format you need. This YouTube to MP3 converter software will automatically detect when you are viewing a YouTube video and it will import the URL. You only have to select your desired file format, such as MP3, and start the download. The software can also convert audio and video files already stored on your computer.


Overall, the quality of the MP3 wasn???t bad. At first we couldn???t tell there was a difference between the original video and the new audio file. Only when we listened to both of them right after one another did we realize there was a slight difference. The new audio file sounded a little muted compared to the original YouTube video. It isn???t a big difference and is still a good copy.

No matter your professional or personal interests, you are sure to run across a YouTube video you find useful or appealing. YouTube videos cannot simply be right-clicked and saved like many images found online. To save YouTube videos, you???ll need an extra application. Also, most YouTube videos use Adobe Flash video file format, which is not a popular format and cannot be displayed on all media players. After the video is downloaded, you???ll need to convert it to a more popular and easy-to-use file format. One of the most popular audio file formats is the MP3 format. After the files are converted to MP3 files, you???ll be able to export those files to a variety of portable devices including cell phones, iPods and other MP3 players.

After downloading the Audials Tunebite software, click on the icon that says ???Capture.??? This will open a prompt to download a plugin so the software can capture media from YouTube. This will only take a few minutes, but it is an extra step that can be distracting and confusing to some.

When the plugin is loaded, open an internet browser and find the YouTube video you want to download and convert. Opening the website in any browser is enough for this software. The domain and video information will automatically be detected and imported to the software. The interface will display this information. To start the conversion process, select the output file format and then click on the ???Start??? icon. The download and conversion process is simultaneous and quick. The final product will be displayed in a window on the right of the interface. You can even use this software to listen to the MP3 file you???ve just downloaded.

The fast YouTube to MP3 converter software also has a variety of other file converting options. You can use the software to convert the YouTube videos to all kinds of different video file formats. The software will also convert audio and video files that are already stored on your computer.


The interface of this YouTube to MP3 converter is simple to use. It has two main windows, ???Convert??? and ???Capture.??? After capturing a video, file conversion is fast and simple. However, before you download a video from YouTube, you will have to download a plugin. This extra step makes the YouTube video to MP3 converter software slightly more difficult to use than other similar programs.

This YouTube to MP3 converter software has an email address you can use for customer support. The website also has a section for frequently asked questions and a user???s forum. When we sent an email with a few questions about the software, we received a response within a few business days.

The Audials Tubebite 9 Premium software will quickly download and convert YouTube videos to a variety of file formats, including MP3. The YouTube to MP3 software will automatically recognize and import the information from YouTube videos as you browse the internet. It is simple to use and has great customer support options.

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