wireless headphones – Pioneer SE-DIR800C, 2017

The Pioneer SE-DIR800C wireless headphones employ a dual-channel Dolby surround sound quality, and they do so expertly. This product has a clear sound that is sure to make any audiophile drool. The model stands out from all competition because of its crystal-clear audio, as well as the phenomenal feature set.


Until recently, wireless headphones have been synonymous with terrible sound quality, constant static and sound interference. It was not possible to find a product that would bring the same sound quality to the wireless audio models as their corded counterparts. However, as technology has advanced, the Pioneer SE-DIR800C model has bridged the gap between ultra-portability and sound quality.

When using these wireless headphones, you will feel the outstanding array of sound features that are offered. This model comes equipped with Dolby Headphone technology which brings more surround effects than other similar products. The feature augments the audio coming from multichannel sources. There are even a variety of settings that will help produce a better sound quality. The first setting simulates a small room, the second is an average room and the third is like a movie theater. If you???d rather, you can also turn off the effects and listen in standard stereo sound.

While the sound produced in the earphones does not beat the sound of a full-speaker array, it does come close. Provided you stay within the advertised distance of approximately 30 feet, you will be able to clearly hear each note. These wireless headphones are over-the-ear and are therefore considered to be in the category of passive noise canceling headphones. We did not notice any interference or playback. There was no static noise and we were extremely satisfied with the sound.

We noticed even the best wireless headphones lack bass power. We found this model to have adequate bass, but we still felt like there could be more. The surround sound offers a great effect, but for listening to bass-heavy music, we certainly missed the reverberating sound you can get when using traditional earphones.

The Pioneer SE-DIR800C wireless headphones have an astounding feature set. From setting up the receiver to everyday use, this model is extremely easy to use. The actual, physical features are simple and uncomplicated. There is a volume control on the earpieces, as well as on the receiver. The power button is conveniently located and is not placed near the volume, so you won???t have any accidental shutoffs.


The wireless headphones use an Infrared transmission system to broadcast from the receiver to the wireless headphones. This is not to be confused with Bluetooth devices. Infrared devices use light emitting diodes (LEDs), and the range is small. You will have to stay within an unobstructed line-of-sight view of the DVD player or whatever other device you are using. Bluetooth devices use Bluetooth technology to communicate from one device to the other. The range on these devices is extremely limited and is best utilized with cell phones and other similar products. The Pioneer SE-DIR800C model has an effective range of up to 32 feet away from the transmitter. As you get farther away, the sound quality lessens.

There are four settings available with these wireless stereo headphones. The first is multi-channel source DH mode. This setting will recreate the 5.1 channel playback of a standard surround sound stereo system. Second is Dolby Pro Logic II DH mode. This will also recreate the 5.1 channel playback from speakers; however, it also has decoding for surround sound. Third is stereo source DH mode. This mode is used for stereo sources without Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. This will create a sound like stereos playing in front of you; this is not a surround sound setting. And the last setting is Dolby Headphone mode off. This is just regular headphone playbacks.

The wireless headphones also have movie and music settings. Because movie soundtracks are mixed and designed to be played a distance from you, listening to the soundtracks in earphones can sound strange. The movie settings on this device fix that problem. The main five channels are full bandwidth and the sound produced is extremely natural.

Pioneer wireless headphones are fully capable with gaming systems, portable music players, TVs and just about any other sound producing device available. You can maintain fantastic sound quality while others sleep due to the noise-canceling nature of this device. This device is also a terrific choice for listening to music throughout the house and yard while doing the weekend chores. You are sure to love how easy it is to use this product, all the different settings and the nearly-flawless sounds quality.

The wireless headphones also come complete with a small carrying case and the compact transmitter. The case is a soft, black, cloth case and it will help protect your device and make it even more portable. The transmitter is able to connect to nearly any sound source and has options for digital and analog sound. The device will need 2 AA NiCad batteries that are included with the purchase. The life expectancy of the batteries is approximately 10 hours.

This is one of the few wireless headphones that does not have a transmitter that also serves as a stand for the earphones. To charge the batteries, you can insert them into the transmitter and the batteries will charge in approximately eight to nine hours and the charging indicator light will turn on when the device is fully charged. Most other similar devices will charge the wireless headphones when they are resting on the transmitter, but the Pioneer model makes you remove the batteries and insert them manually. This can be slightly annoying, but does not detract too much from the overall product.


The manufacturer provides a variety of different customer support options. There are complete user???s manuals available for download. Also, there are frequently asked questions and email addresses to contact customer support. There were no online chats or telephone contact numbers. The manufacturer provides a 90-day limited warranty.

When we contacted the customer service team via the email addresses we received an almost immediate response. We were able to quickly and easily maneuver our way through the manufacturer???s website to find answers to our questions, as well as information about the warranty.

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The sound quality in the Pioneer SE-DIR800C headphones is unrivaled by other wireless headphones. There is an assortment of useful features and sound settings to help tailor your listening experience to the medium. There are a variety of settings to help match the best music and sound quality to the medium you are listening to. Whether you are listening to movie soundtracks or bass-heavy hip-hop, these wireless headphones have a setting that will help you most enjoy the sound quality.