wine cooler – NewAir AW-321ED 2017

The NewAir AW-321ED is a dual-zone, dual-door wine cooler with wood shelves, digital controls and blue LED lighting. Unlike most wine fridges, both zones of this unit are the same size. So it can cool up to 32 reds or whites, or up to 16 reds and 16 whites at once. It includes 14 pull-out wood shelves and can hold some odd-sized bottles at the bottom of the unit. This thermoelectric wine cooler runs quieter than most and earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best wine coolers.


This NewAir wine fridge is suitable for chilling most white and red wines to the desired serving temperature. It can store red wines at a temperature of up to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and whites to as cool as 46 degrees. On the NewAir website, the featured video reports a temperature range of 54 to 66 F, but we went by the user manual which relates that you can set temps to as low as 46 degrees. As with all wine refrigerators, you will need to test the zones and each shelf to really know exactly what areas of the unit are best for specific types of wines.

While thermoelectric cooling systems run quietly and do not require toxic CFCs or HCFCs, they generally cannot cool as low as those with compressor cooling systems. Thermoelectric cooling units are also more sensitive to ambient temperatures. The user manual relates that this unit works best with ambient temperatures of 50 to 80 degrees. However, keep in mind that the unit will struggle in higher temperatures, and it cannot warm wine up to ideal serving temperature. As with most units of this type, it will perform best indoors, out of direct sunlight, with a steady ambient temperature of about 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

This wine cooler features two side-by-side doors. Each zone can hold two bottles per shelf. A unique feature of this wine cooler is the wooden shelves, seven for each zone. Most models in this price range feature metal shelves with wood trim instead of full wood shelves. These shelves hold 32 standard-size Bordeaux bottles and slide smoothly when you pull them out. You can remove shelves or attempt to store odd-size bottles at the bottom of the unit. It does not easily store larger sparkling wine bottles, but it was not designed for sparkling wines anyway.

While this unit is just over 32 inches tall and could fit under a counter, it is designed to be free-standing and needs adequate ventilation to work properly. If you do not provide it plenty of ventilation and the unit fails, it may violate the terms of your warranty. So be sure to carefully follow the installation instructions when you set up this wine fridge. Additionally, the doors are not lockable so care should be taken around small children or mischievous teens.

NewAir provides adequate support to its customers. You can contact customer support by email or telephone. All products are shipped with product manuals, and you can download manuals from the company website. One-year warranties are provided with NewAir wine coolers. Replacement parts are available for purchase; however, if you need to return your unit, you are responsible for shipping costs.


If you enjoy your reds just as much as your whites, the NewAir AW-321ED might be a good choice since it has two 16-bottle zones. It features attractive wooden shelves that will not scratch your labels and LED interior lighting. However, if the room you plan to put the room in is a bit warm or you would like to also chill sparkling wines, you may want to select a wine cooler that utilizes a compressor cooling unit.

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