wine cooler – Cuisinart Private Reserve 2017

The Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar is a single-zone wine cooler that cool hold up to 32 standard-size bottles. In ideal conditions it can cool low enough for sparkling whites and high enough for deep reds. It has electronic touchpad controls and eight chrome contoured wine racks, and the plastic elements are all BPA-free. This wine fridge features soft white interior lighting that can be turned on and off at your preference. Wine is protected by double-pane windows, and the door front is metallic in appearance.


Cuisinart reports that this wine refrigerator can cool to as low as 39 F and as high as 66 F. This range is suitable for all types of wines. However, since this is a single-zone unit, you will need to test the temperature of each shelf to discover the best placement for specific types of wine. Usually people put their whites toward the bottom and reds toward the top of the unit. In order to operate to its maximum potential, this thermoelectric wine cooler needs to be placed in a room that maintains an ambient temperature of less than 70 F. If the room you plan to put your wine fridge in is often warmer than that, you might want to consider a wine cooler with a compressor-style cooling unit.

As with most wine coolers, you will want to be careful about where you place this cooler. It needs to have adequate ventilation to operate correctly, and it is not meant to be installed under a counter. In most cases, if the unit fails and you have installed it without adequate ventilation, it will void your warranty. You will also want to carefully watch small children if they are around the cooler. It does not include a lock, so they might be able to access your bottles. Also, prevent children from climbing on or attempting to tip the unit.

In terms of customer support, it is good practice to register your Cuisinart product when you receive it and to make sure you follow the installation instructions. Should the unit fail, it comes with a three-year warranty and you can contact Cuisinart by telephone or email. You should be aware that most companies will require you to pay shipping costs to return a unit for repair.

The Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar provides a wide range of cooling abilities for up to 32 bottles of red, white or sparkling wines. If you install this wine cooler properly in a cool room, out of the sunlight, it should perform well for you.