windows backup software – Oops!Backup 2017

Oops!Backup is easy to use and does not require special skills to configure. After you install the backup software you simply choose to back up your files or to create a group of files to migrate to a new PC, then follow the instructions for creating your backup plan. It only takes a few minutes to set your first backup job in motion. However, if you need advanced features such as file compression, custom commands or disk imaging, you will not find them in this Windows backup software. It is only intended to back up files and not full systems, so it cannot create a disk image to recover everything on your system should you experience a major hardware failure or malware attack.


We found the software simple to install and use. It can back up the newest versions of your files as they change. It includes a handy ???Back-In-Time??? feature for restoring files to a version saved at a specific time rather than just the newest version. If you have a tendency to mess up your files to the point of no recovery, or other people use your PC and alter your files, a tool for restoring previous versions could be helpful to you. Oops!Backup also includes tools to help you manage your retention policies so your backup files don???t become too large.

The best attribute of Oops!Backup is that it is easy to use; however, its features are limited. While it performs continuous backups, this version cannot schedule backups. It also cannot create disk images. A disk image basically is a mirrored image of your hard disk. The disk image file can be used to restore your entire system, including software and settings. This is extremely helpful if you need to completely start over after an incident. Altaro???s advanced version, BackupFS, offers a few additional features such as the ability to back up servers, but most home users do not need this ability.

We first reviewed this product over four years ago and it doesn???t appear to have been updated much since then. The screenshots displayed on the Altaro website are dated 2010. When we tested the software we noticed that the copyright was dated 2010 as well. We clicked the ???check for updates??? link within the software thinking perhaps updates were available that were not included with the initial download, but the software did not detect any available updates. Perhaps Altaro has updated the software since 2010, but there is little evidence of change. It does, at least, support Windows 8 and 7.

If you simply need file backup software to create and maintain your backup files, then Oops!Backup will adequately work for you. However, if you desire advanced features or disk imaging, you will need to consider one of our higher-ranked products.