windows backup software – Macrium Reflect 2017

Macrium Reflect is available in Standard and Professional versions. The Standard version backs up all types of personal Windows operating systems. The Professional version also backs up server versions. Using this backup software you can back up selected files or folders, or entire disks. Backup jobs can be stored and scheduled. Backups can also be executed by VBScript or MS-DOS batch files. To help you recover from system errors, the software will create bootable rescue files.


This backup software for Windows will back up to any media format that is recognized as a drive by Windows. It will back up your data to optical discs, USB-connected drives, partitions and internal drives. If you create a recognizable pathway, it can back up to network-connected drives. It does not include pre-installed integrations for connecting to online storage services. You may be able to create that connection using scripts, but it is not included out-of-the-box.

The restoration tools provided with this Windows backup utility can completely restore files and file systems as well as entire disks. Restoring files is simple, and you can explore disk images before restoring if you are looking for a specific file. You can sort files by original file location, backup data, drive litter, backup ID, capacity, used space, free space, file system, compression rate and number of files. This breadth of filter methods should make it easy to find a specific file even among a long list of backup files.

Macrium Reflect helps secure your data and system using a few security technologies. Backup files can be password protected and secured using 128-, 192- or 256-bit encryption. It also has tools for examining file integrity. However, it cannot scan for malware; you will need to use your security software to check for malicious script. To protect from hardware failure, it will clone your hard drive so you can restore your system data, including software, to a new PC or dissimilar hardware.

This backup software for Windows is especially helpful for those who want to create and use their own script for executing backup jobs. It also provides industry-proven encryption methods to keep sensitive data secure. However, if you need to back up your data to a cloud-based storage service or to a tape system, this software is not ideal for your backup situation.