windows backup software – Handy Backup 2017

Handy Backup is easy-to-configure Windows backup software; within a few steps you can easily create your backup schedule. It can back up documents, folders and media files. It will also back up Windows files such as Outlook emails, registries and libraries. You can acquire free plug-ins to back up Skype conversations, chat conversations, Photoshop files and Windows Media Player. Novasoft is developing technologies for backing up PlayStation, XBOX and Wii files.


Novasoft offers five backup software versions: Standard, Professional, Network, Small Server and Server Network. For the purpose of this review we looked at the Handy Backup Standard version that was created for general home-use. The Standard version is intended to back up files, folders and Windows elements. Full-disk imaging and other advanced features are available via the other versions. This software provider offers backup solutions that can handle most home and small-business needs.

We found it simple to back up and restore files with the Standard version. After installation you choose your task (back up, restore or synchronize) and select the files or folders you want to process. You can save the task and run it on command if desired. Once the process is complete, you can view a report to discover any errors that may have occurred. This version can easily perform basic operations, but it cannot create boot files for starting a nonresponsive system, and it cannot clone your drives. However, the Professional version can perform these functions and more.

Handy Backup offers free customer and technical support. You can contact this backup company with your questions by email, Skype, IM or telephone. Telephone support is available during regular business hours in the GMT+6 and EST +11 time zones. The software includes a useful help manual, and you can find answers to common questions on the Handy Backup website. This Windows backup tool is updated frequently, often monthly, in response to emergent technologies and security issues.

Handy Backup adequately backs up files and folders, it???s simple to use, and it secures files with 128-bit encryption. Although the Standard version does not perform all functions, there are four more-advanced versions to choose from to suit your specific backup scenario.