windows backup software – Genie9 2017

Genie Backup Manager Home includes all basic backup and restoration features and some advanced options to help you quickly secure your files or full system. This Windows backup software can compress files to help you conserve space. It will password-protect files, and it can be configured to run when resource usage is low. Genie9 also added features to help reserve laptop battery power.


This backup software for Windows includes two modes: Easy Mode and Normal Mode. The Easy Mode shows a streamlined view, whereas the Normal Mode shows additional options. While the Easy Mode might be the preferred view for beginners, it does restrict the view of certain features that you may desire to use if you could easily see them. You may want to toggle between the views to familiarize yourself with the available tools. This software can back up anything Windows can see as a drive letter, including network-connected drives. It will back up to any storage device, including online locations.

Genie Backup Manager Home will restore files, folders and full systems. It includes filtering and sort options to help you discover the backup file you are looking to restore, and it can restore Genie backup files without the software being installed when accessed from another device. Usually backup software has to be installed on the device attempting to restore files, so this is a helpful feature.

This solution protects your files and provides tools for preserving resources. To keep your backup files secure, Genie9 provides password protection and 128-bit AES encryption. It will also provide Zip password protection and will back up encrypted drives. To help reserve resources you can schedule backup jobs, pause and resume backups, and snooze jobs in process. You can also configure it to run backup jobs while you are not using your computer. Should you need assistance configuring the software, you can contact Genie9 by email or consult the help files.

Genie Backup Manager Home is especially adept at helping you control what resources the backup jobs use while performing jobs, making it ideal for those that want to run demanding software concurrently or for those looking to back up their laptop.