window sensors – Mace, 2017

The Mace Slimline Wireless Door/Window Sensor Alarm allows you to add more protection to your home or office with DIY installation and operation. Designed to fit most window types, this window alarm sensor is part of the Mace Home Security System. When it senses vibration or the window opening, it sends a signal to the control unit that initiates the alarm and auto-dialer. This sensor system is a cost-effective way to deter intruders.

This window sensor alarm adds an extra bit of security to the Mace Home Security System by protecting specific doors and windows from unwanted entry. This unit is less than an inch deep, so the sensors can be safekeepers for cabinets or doors as well. They attach conveniently with mountable adhesive strips and screws that keep them secure. Once you set the system up, the window, door or other item remains protected for up to 300 feet from the control unit.

This model is small, approximately 2.25 x 1 x 3.37 inches. The slight design makes it discreet. However, if you would prefer to deter burglars by letting them know that you have additional buffering for windows and doors with this device, you can put the included decal warning sticker on it.

With this window alarm sensor, you get wireless connection that runs off a 9-volt battery. This makes battery replacement convenient if you run out of juice.

You can stay up to date on the status of this unit, such as when your battery is running low or when there has been a breach, through the LED indicator. This magnetic contact keeps you apprised of the window alarm to ensure that it is always working properly. From the main control, you can also decide whether to have it run as a singular alarm unit simply by flipping a switch. This makes maintenance and monitoring easy.

This add-on device is part of an affordable DIY security system. It incorporates into the all-encompassing Mace security system with no wires to connect, basic installation, simple monitoring and overall increased security of your property. The Mace Slimline Wireless Door/Window Sensor Alarm can improve your security and give you additional peace of mind inside your home or office.