wedding planning software – My Perfect Wedding

SummitSoft, the corporation that previously brought you Wedding Planner, now has wedding planning software titled My Perfect Wedding that offers a much greater range of features and flexibility than its older product.

Features Set

Summitsoft has licensed software from Elm Software, which makes the top-notch iDo Wedding Couple Edition software.

This attractive and easy to use software has been combined with Tabula Rasa, which provides seating and event layout capabilities, and PrintJobs, which offers software to print labels, envelopes and tent cards.

The overall package provides many useful, easily accessible and well-explained features that can make wedding planning far easier and organized even if the event involves a myriad of details that need attention, thus winning my approval.

Guest lists now can be imported from Microsoft Outlook or a CSV file or they can be easily created in My Perfect Wedding. Unlike before, the guest lists also can be exported to the address book of your choice, which is a boon for such things as stationery creation, tracking guests, making sure that thank you notes are sent, giving head counts to catering services and more.

Another new feature is the printing capability of My Perfect Wedding, which permits you to create your own stationery products of inner and outer envelopes and tent cards, with the wording for inner and outer envelopes recommended automatically. The envelopes can be customized as you want, giving you the leeway to do such things as placing a more formal title on an outer envelope and a more casual salutation on an inner envelope.

Ease of Use

An engaged couple can record and oversee information about guests, their meal choices and their plane flights and hotel accommodations.

In addition, table layouts are easily arranged using drag and drop features to arrange the reception venue and assign guests to specific tables with ease. You also can track such things as RSVPs, regrets, gifts, and whether or not thank you notes have been sent.

The vendor section is especially useful since it permits access to a particular vendor???s web page, allows you to zap off an email or directly link to MapQuest for directions. The vendor section also works in conjunction with the budget section.

The budget tracks expense categories, estimated costs, when payments are due, actual costs and calculates what percentage of the overall budget a particular item costs. You can add, delete or edit as needed.

Both the budget and vendor sections complement each other and work together.

This software also comes with a check list of 100 preloaded tasks and you can delete some or add more as needed, as well as including your own notes about what needs to be done or to whom this might be assigned. The check list also shows when these activities are due to be completed.

Ease of Installation/Setup

In the gift section, you can record gifts, who gave them and whether or not a thank you note has been sent.

Particularly useful is this program???s ability to print more than 100 reports for nearly every aspect of planning for that special day, which helps you keep tabs on all the necessary details as the event gets closer.


My Perfect Wedding is quite intuitive, but also helps couples navigate its features with a comprehensive tutorial. In addition, the modern and colorful interface is extremely user friendly.

We encountered no problems installing this software.

My Perfect Wedding has telephone and email support, as well as FAQs and online help.

All in all, My Perfect Wedding is an enormous improvement over SummitSoft???s previous product and now ranks among the best on the market. Its invitation tracking, financial sections and its many reports will undoubtedly be a huge help to engaged couples. My Perfect Wedding offers engaged couples a highly flexible and outstanding planning program.