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New Horizons offers a blend of different online teaching approaches for clients with different needs. Unlike some online web design tutorial programs, New Horizons offers video, interactive, instructor led, and on site courses. Most courses are offered in some online format. Many of the online courses are available to take anytime, or schedule for a live online class. While the New Horizons course library is large, their web design library is only average in size. The tutorial programs offered are designed for different types of students. Some are classes designed for IT professionals seeking certifications while others are designed for increasing one’s knowledge in a specific technical area.

Depth of Topic Knowledge

Standout Features

The courses offered by New Horizons may be more expensive than other tutorial programs. However, you have accessed to live instructor training and help. However, its limited library does not match that of or other online web design tutorial sites.

The topics offered from New Horizons are adequate for learning about website design. While the overall number of courses offered in web design are limited, there are enough core courses to help show a web designer beginner the way forward. There are both basic HTML coding courses and advanced courses in topics such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, there is a lack of design methodology taught in the courses and most courses focus primarily on the technical side of web design.

The web design tutorial programs offered are very good and diverse for individuals with different needs. There are instructor led courses, online self taught courses, online interactive courses, and even onsite courses (at over 300 learning centers). The level of interaction is also augmented with student exercises, a student portal, and live support. New Horizons has a greater degree of interaction than many other tutorial programs we reviewed.

The tutorial programs from New Horizons are moderately easy to use and navigate. At first one may be overwhelmed with the different types of courses and interfaces, but the material presented is fairly easy to read and understand.

Tutorial Interaction

There is an average amount of additional support from reference materials. However, you can obtain live support for certain courses and even help from other students. There are exercises that you can utilize during each course.

The range of software packages and applications covered is limited from New Horizons. There are some basic, highly known programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Flash presented in courses, but other applications in web design or graphic design are not covered. Many code editors are also not covered nor specific programming applications such as Ajax.

You can find a unique blend of tutorials and teaching styles on New Horizons that are not found elsewhere. The courses are designed for many different types of students and you can be assured that you will find your own preferred style of instruction on their website. While their references and knowledge support may not be great, they do offer exercises and instructor interaction with certain courses. For those seeking a greater range coursework on web design methodology, you may want to look elsewhere. The courses offered tend to cover more of the technical side of web development. For more great online instruction options, see our reviews of the best online web design tutorials.

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