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Flash4layouts has the potential to become a leader in the Flash template market, they offer over 8000 templates and many of them are really appealing templates with flash, SWISH and other interactive elements as well as high quality stock photography.

Template Selection

We also like that Flash4layouts offers quite a bit of information about the templates, so you can make a better pre-purchase decision, such as file types, software requirements and server requirements.

They offer per template, unique and deals for buying three at time, however they do not offer a membership.

Flash4layouts offers over 8000 templates in a variety of formats, including standard, CSS and flash as well as sites for Joomla and other CMS platforms. They also have sites with SWISH elements, flash intros and ecommerce website templates. Though they do not offer all types of templates, they do offer the types most people are looking for and they offer an attractive collection that does not look overly dated or common.

You can easily find templates on the Flash4layouts site by type, category, keyword or even template number. In addition, all of their templates come in common file types. We would like to see them offer a membership program, though three for under a hundred is not that bad of a deal.

It is easy to purchase, download and unzip their website template files and you can easily find the template you are looking for, and with sites like this that is about all you have to worry about.

Feature Set

They offer support by email and post some useful information online. We should like to see them amp up their support a bit, perhaps add chat and telephone support, or even a more extensive online knowledgebase beyond their FAQs section.

We actually really liked the templates offered by Flash4layouts and the prices are reasonable, but we would like to see them add some more support options and perhaps a membership program.

For a more comprehensive service with a larger selection see our #1 product Template Monster.

Ease of Use