web hosting – Network Solutions 2017

Network Solutions is meant to get you started with necessary website hosting. It’s a decent product, but has too many drawbacks to compete with the best shared hosting competition. Once you sign up with an existing or new domain name, you have the option to add extra security features. However, these add-ons cost extra. As with similar sites, the introductory price is attractive, but the regular renewal rate skyrockets.


The benefit of Network Solution’s specific web hosting service is that the plans are essentially a la carte. They offer the basic plan with the standard features, and from there you can customize your package to include marketing credits and an eCommerce option. Those mentioned add-ons are all attached to the Essential Hosting Plan. This service’s most helpful asset is the versatility. If your audience and readership grow along with your business, Network Solutions allows you to upgrade plans at any time.

The service’s flexibility is beneficial, but the value on higher plans may not be worth it. If you’re considering the Premium shared hosting plan for the extra space, security and features, you may as well look into purchasing a VPS plan for an overall better experience.

This web host comes with a few advanced features to take much of the pressure off of the user. The addition of shared SSL and SSH allow for encryption when you log into your account, and the inclusion of site backup and restoration keeps you from losing every file on your site. This feature commonly costs extra.

The web hosting service’s help and support options are a mixed bag. Thankfully, they have you covered through 24/7 phone and email support. There are also video tutorials, user forums and a helpful knowledge base to help you set up and run a smooth cPanel. On the downside, there is no option for live chat for support purposes. Also, the company does offer priority support, but you have to purchase a larger package for the purpose.

Despite the missing features mentioned above, this service can host your site and give you the basic tools to manage your files. The plan flexibility is particularly useful; you do pay more for certain features, but the customization is in your hands. You aren’t forced to pay for features that you never use. However, if you’re a first time host consumer, we’d recommend you look to the best web hosting reviews in our comparison for a better value.