web hosting – Doteasy 2017

Doteasy is a respectable web hosting service, but the basic package comes with a very restricted feature set. If you pay for an upgrade, it offers the whole range of features you typically expect. Unfortunately, some of these features require an additional monthly fee on top of the service upgrade. The learning curve is also a bit steeper than beginners might find comfortable. These weaknesses are cushioned somewhat by the amiable support team and the easy-to-use website builder, complete with forum-creation tools.


There are many drawbacks to this web hosting service, but let’s talk about the high points first: We found the phone support personnel to be knowledgeable and helpful. If their hosting plans lacked a feature we required, they were quick to refer us to another service that could satisfy our needs. They were able to answer our questions in short order, and you will appreciate their affability if you find yourself in a bind.

We also like the forum tool. Considering that so many features are restricted from the basic service package, this tool was a welcome surprise. If you want to install a forum in your website, Doteasy can hook you up. A forum can be a great way to interact with users and create a social dynamic to supplement your business.

The restrictions and drawbacks are, unfortunately, extensive. Features you miss out on include shopping cart software, an SSL certificate, custom cron jobs and a script library. You get only five domain emails with basic antivirus and spam filtering. Security may also be an issue ??? this web hosting service doesn’t support Secure Shell (SSH). You can purchase some of these features or remove limitations with an extra fee, but not all of them. In addition, this service claims to have live chat, but through a dozen attempts, at all times of day, we could not reach anyone.

We had difficulty with the Doteasy interface. Doteasy’s representatives did everything they could to relieve our confusion, but their efforts were in vain. We were able to work through our problems with time, but you might want to go with a web hosting service that is a little easier to use if you are new to webpage design.

Fortunately, Doteasy’s website builder tool helps to mitigate some of the difficulty associated with opening an account. You can turn your website into a blog, add a forum, include photo galleries and forms, and have your guests sign a guestbook. If you want to figure out what your users are thinking, create a web poll. Other helpful tools in this category include hit counters, web directory, tell-a-friend, FAQs builder and mailing lists.

Doteasy is a disappointing web hosting service with a good deal of potential. That potential can be reached if you are willing to invest far more money per month. Select the basic service package; you are left with limited email, no shopping carts or other add-ons, and no PHP support. This may be a crippling weakness for sites with any respectable level of complexity.