web hosting – BlueDomino 2017

With basic web hosting capabilities at an affordable monthly cost, BlueDomino is an intermediate hosting provider. This web hosting service offers just one hosting package, and while beginners appreciate its affordability and reliability, others may find its lack of features hindering.


Although BlueDomino provides a single consolidated hosting package, what is included in that package is decent. You get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, plus unlimited email accounts ??? convenient if you have employees or others you want to have company email addresses. While the plan also offers unlimited MySQL databases, it caps the number of domains you can host under your account, and the domain hosting service doesn???t support international domains.

BlueDomino???s feature set entails what we expect from an average small business web hosting service, including a web-based control panel for site management and basic site statistics that tell you how much traffic your live site is getting. The web hosting service also provides a few advanced features apt for developers and web-savvy users, such as customizable error pages and access to raw log files.

The service does lack a few key features. While it does offer eCommerce solutions, if you want extra security features like SSL you have to pay extra. BlueDomino also doesn???t provide custom cron jobs or autoresponders for email; neither feature is essential, but both would enhance the overall usability and convenience of the service. Most surprisingly, the web hosting service doesn???t provide a single, seamless website builder. While it has one-click application installs, the hosting provider doesn???t offer anything that can help beginners build a simple website from the ground up.

When we went online to find answers to our questions about BlueDomino, we found an inadequate knowledgebase and a sparse FAQs section. Its tutorials are good, but they don’t make up for shortcomings in the other areas. When you try to find answers on the company???s website, you sometimes end up being more confused than when you started. They definitely need to work on this area.

BlueDomino???s 24/7 customer service also leaves something to be desired. We experienced long response times with phone, email and live chat contact attempts, and its customer support staff was not as knowledgeable and friendly as some of the other services we reviewed. They took a while to respond to our questions and left us with more questions than answers when we were done.

BlueDomino is affordable and reliable, and its one hosting package provides most of the capabilities we looked for in a web hosting service. However, the service???s lack of features and subpar customer service don???t make it a strong contender among the best web hosting services.