web conferencing services – GlobalMeet 2017

GlobalMeet is one of the best web conferencing services, because the software is easy to use and has a clear interface that makes it simple to enter, run and participate in meetings. Although it lacks breakout rooms, the rest of its features and its excellent support earn GlobalMeet the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Presenter Tools

This virtual-conferencing service focuses on a user-friendly experience. The interface has large, clear buttons for the most important features, and the layout itself is clean and logical. Although a minor issue, we found the orange-and-gray color scheme outdated and not as easy to look at as other virtual-meeting platforms. Of more importance is that this service does not let you brand your presentation room with your company logo or colors.

The integration with Microsoft Outlook makes this software convenient. From Outlook, you can schedule meetings, invite people and change presentation-room settings. You can even enter the meeting right from Outlook.

This online-conferencing service gives you strong control over webcams. You can choose to block the video feeds entirely or you can view every participant. When anyone speaks during the web meeting, his or her webcam feed is shown. You can control the volume of a participant or mute him or her entirely.

The file- and application-sharing tools are easy to understand, with two ways to access them from the presentation room and clear instructions for adding, sharing and ending shares. You and other attendees can work on projects together with the white board or mark up things on the screen. This web-conferencing software does not have a built-in feature to capture and save screenshots, however.

Polling is easy and lets you see in real time how many people are answering. Afterwards, you can download the report to see exact answers to questions.

Participant Tools

Participants can phone in directly from the website; no numbers or passcodes are needed. The participants simply have to log in to the unique URL, click on how they want to enter the web conference and the conference room calls them. This service offers toll-free calling, so your guests don’t need to worry about phone costs.

This service lacks social media integration. This is a convenience as it lets you and your attendees check out others’ profiles but isn’t especially needed if you’re just looking for software to meet with clients or to collaborate on projects. The collaboration tools are basic and easy to use.

This service’s plan lets you have up to 125 participants, one of the highest maximums among the levels of plans we reviewed. The interface is optimized for mobile devices, so that even those calling from a tablet or smartphone have a smooth web-conferencing experience. GlobalMeet has nodes across the world, ensuring high-quality audio and video wherever you are.

You can record your meetings and store documents in the GlobalMeet library under your meeting room’s URL. Everything is protected with 128-bit encryption, so you can feel secure about your meetings.

One of the drawbacks to this web conferencing platform, however, is that it doesn’t allow you to create breakout rooms. These are handy if you are working on a large project and want to separate into smaller groups to work on specific issues. You can, however, have audio “breakout rooms” by assigning subconference phone extensions. Attendees can call into these subconference rooms for phone conversations.

Although the software is easy enough to use, GlobalMeet provides an extensive library of YouTube videos showing exactly how to use each feature. The GlobalMeet community has a forum, product information, training and contact numbers for help centers across the globe. The chat and phone support are available at any time of day.

Web Conference Features

If you have a large meeting planned and want a moderator familiar with the ins and outs of the software, GlobalMeet can provide operator-assisted web conferencing for an additional fee.

GlobalMeet offers easy-to-use web conferencing software service for meetings that work anywhere, anytime. Although it lacks breakout rooms, it otherwise has the collaboration and online-conferencing tools you need for a successful virtual meeting. Its simplicity and strong support make it an excellent choice for virtual conferencing software.

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