web application firewall – AppliCure DotDefender, 2017

DotDefender by AppliCure is an enterprise-class, application-layer firewall that offers security for websites and web applications. It protects against numerous security issues, such as hacking attacks and data loss.

Many websites contain vulnerabilities that make them defenseless against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, path traversal and numerous other types of exploits. This application-level firewall provides IIS and Apache server security across cloud, VPS and dedicated environments to prevent attacks.

This web application firewall ensures that your server is protected at all times. The WAF controls all traffic going into and coming out of the server while monitoring every layer, such as HTTPS, HTTP, XML-RPC and SOAP, for suspicious activity.

Websites that collect credit card data over the internet are particularly at risk from path traversal exploits and denial-of-service attacks. Without appropriate application security, websites are susceptible to stolen user information, stolen user sessions and being flagged as malicious by search engines. This is why it is vitally important that your business website have a web application firewall such as DotDefender.

The software that runs on this web application security program concentrates on the requests going in and out of the server and the impact they have on the application. It also uses pattern recognition to identify and prevent threats such as zero-day exploits and session protection to help avoid impersonation. DotDefender also uses an extensive signature knowledgebase to block known attackers and vulnerabilities.

DotDefender is easy to install on both IIS and Apache servers, and it provides in-depth security against known, unknown and new hacking attempts. It can be installed in roughly 10 clicks by someone with little or no security training and is extremely easy to use. It comes with preinstalled security rules to ensure instant protection for your web applications, requires no additional hardware for installation and integrates easily into your existing system. However, AppliCure does not offer many customer service options, which makes is a downside for firewall novices.

With its ease of use and comprehensive protection, AppliCure’s DotDefender web application firewall is a worthy consideration for your business. However, it does not come with many customer service options.