waterproof headphones – Aquapac Waterproof 2017

Get out and into the water using your Aquapac Waterproof Headphones. These underwater earphones allow you to swim while listening to your favorite songs. They come with three different sizes of silicone earbuds to fit any ear canal, and they will work at depths up to 10 feet underwater.

These waterproof earbuds are the perfect companion during long swims or even while snorkeling. They received an IPX8 rating, which means they are 100-percent waterproof. You can use these earbuds up to 10 feet underwater. However, it is inadvisable to use these devices deeper than 10 feet because the pressure may cause hearing damage.

Aquapac waterproof earbuds have a frequency response range of 19Hz to 20kHz. They also feature an audio pressure level of 100 decibels.

You can only find these underwater earbuds in black, which could be a drawback. They do include three different sizes of silicone earbuds to ensure that they are the perfect fit for your ear canal and won’t be constantly falling out of your ears while you are in action.

These swimming earphones have a 3.5mm nickel-coated stereo jack, which is standard for most audio devices. This means these underwater earphones will fit any standard electronic device, including your MP3 player and smartphone.

If you run into any problems while using these underwater earphones, Aquapac offers many customer support resources to aid you. There is a variety of FAQs and consumer questions on the company’s website that can assist with many questions you may have. You can also contact a support representative via telephone and email. However, Aquapac is located in the United Kingdom, and U.K. rates do apply to all telephone calls.

If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in the water, particularly if you plan to go snorkeling or swim laps regularly, the Aquapac Waterproof Headphones are an excellent option for you. These 100-percent waterproof headphones allow you to enjoy high quality sound up to 10 feet underwater. They only come in black, which may be a drawback. But they fit comfortably, and they come with a variety of earbud sizes to fit your ear canal and excellent support resources to ensure that you experience the highest quality sound, even while you’re cavorting under the water.