water sports store – O’Brien

O’Brien, based in Redmond, Washington, is a well-known name is the water sports equipment industry. While many online water sports stores sell O’Brien products, you can purchase equipment from O’Brien directly, via their catalog or website. For die-hard fans of water skis, wakeboards and other equipment bearing the O’Brien label, the official O’Brien site is the place to be.


O’Brien has been designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality water sports equipment since 1962. Their site offers items in nearly all inventory categories listed on our matrix (with wetsuits, drysuits, wakeskis, pylons, buoys, wakekites and barefoot equipment as exceptions). In their Slalom Skis section for example, you will find sub-categories for both skis and bindings, with their ski section divided between Pro, Sport, Elite and Performance Skis.

In the Clearance section found on their site, there are seven different categories to choose from: Vests, Combo Skis, Apparel, Wakeskates, Wakeboards, Wakesurfers and Tubes. There’s also a “Featured Products” section located at the bottom of this area, with three products highlighted. $100+ off on Combo Skis and Tubes is an example of the discounts you‘ll come across.

O’Brien sells an exclusive “Elite” line of products, specially designed for the advanced/professional skier. These products are hard to come by, so if you’re on the hunt for O’Brien Elite products, look no further than the O’Brien site itself. Elite Experience Skis, Pro Gloves, Slalom Case, Vest and Team Handle are the products exclusive to this line. There are also bios of the O’Brien Elite Team Members and an O’Brien Elite blog.

O’Brien has a large inventory spanning many categories, which may be surprising considering they only sell O’Brien products. O’Brien manufactures much more than just water skis. Here are their inventory categories: Wakeboards, Wakeskates, Wakesurfers, Slalom Skis, Combo Skis, Kneeboards, Tubes, Bindings – Wake, Bindings – Ski, Ropes & Handles, Vests, Gloves, Bags & Cases, Clearance and Apparel.

Slalom skis and combo skis are some of the more well-known O’Brien products and their inventory listings for these items does not disappoint. They sell over 13 different combo skis for example, from junior skis (the “Jr Vortex) and trainer skis (the “Platform Trainer”) to skis for advanced skiers like their “Performer Pro” combo skis. They also sell an impressive array of wakeskates, some including beautiful artwork.

If you have any questions about products, shipping, your order or anything else you’d like answered, O’Brien provides a variety of options through which you may obtain an answer. They offer toll-free support and email support. To find information regarding their policies, from credit card orders and back orders to returning merchandise and international orders, visit the “Policies” link at the bottom of the main page.

O’Brien is one of the most famous water product manufacturers in the world and a “must” for our product matrix. Whether you shop O’Brien online or via their catalog (past catalogs are available on their site), the quality of their products and company name are sure to shine through.