water softeners – Morton 2017

The Morton System Saver MSD45E is a salt-based water softener with a large capacity designed to treat very hard water. It can also remove clear-water iron and provide sediment filtration.

This unit uses resin media to remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply. It can absorb 45,000 grains of hardness before requiring a regeneration cycle. This system removes up to 120 grains of hardness per gallon, which is extreme hardness, and up to 12 parts per million clear-water iron from your water supply. The unit’s softener media also acts as a self-cleaning sediment filter.

As a salt water softener, it uses a resin media to strip calcium and magnesium from water that passes through the softener tank. Once the media reaches full capacity, a brine solution is used to remove accumulated minerals. The regeneration cycle also flushes out accumulated sediment. This process requires a wastewater drain for used brine solution and an electrical connection for the control unit. The regeneration cycle removes up to 5,120 grains of hardness per pound of salt from the softener media.

The controller allows you to set the time of day, regeneration time and source water hardness, which you can obtain from your water utility or test yourself. The unit uses source water hardness and water usage to schedule regeneration cycles, or you can initiate an immediate regeneration cycle during periods of heavy water use. The controller display also shows current flow rate, gallons used since midnight and average daily water use for the last seven days.

The system uses a space-saving single-canister design, with the resin tank enclosed within the salt reservoir. It holds up to 210 pounds of salt. It has a service flow rate of 10 gpm, which is sufficient for any size of household. This water softener comes with the basic valves and fittings required to set up the system. You may need additional plumbing connections to finalize installation.

Morton offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on this unit. It also offers a three-year warranty on electronic components and a 10-year warranty on the salt storage and resin media tanks.

The Morton System Saver MSD45E Water Softener is a high-capacity unit that softens extremely hard water and removes high levels of clear-water iron. The water softener media acts as a self-cleaning sediment filter. This unit’s 10 gpm service flow rate makes it work for any size of home.