water flossers – Oral Breeze, 2017

The RediBreeze Oral Irrigator is a faucet-driven oral irrigator manufactured by OralBreeze. It was formerly known as RediPik, and it connects to a sink faucet.

The RediBreeze does not look like a regular water flosser or even most faucet-powered flossers. For one, it has no handle but is rather made of an adaptor, a hose, a connector and a handheld nozzle with a tip. Just like other water flossers connected to faucets, the RediBreeze uses no electricity, has no motors and includes no water reservoir. These missing parts significantly reduce its bulk and save space in the bathroom. However, the RediBreeze is also not portable. In fact, you have to permanently install it in place.

This flosser connects to a bathroom sink’s faucet via a chrome-plated brass valve that comes with an adaptor. This adaptor replaces the aerator in the sink’s faucet. However, it is a 15/16 adaptor and does not fit non-standard faucets. You may, however, find the right adaptor at your local plumbing store. Even when you find an adaptor that fits, if it’s even a tad loose, the connector will spring a leak and reduce the pressure of the water flowing out of the flosser’s tip.

Between the brass valve and the hose connecting it to the flossing tip is a selection switch. Since you have to permanently install the RediBreeze, the selector switches water supply between the flosser’s hose and the sink’s faucet. This switch is small enough to not get in the way. Beyond the switch, the RediBreeze is made of plastic and a 24-inch transparent hose funnels water directly to the tip.

There are two color-coded tips included with this water jet flosser. They are standard flosser tips with angled nozzles that can reach hidden periodontal pockets. However, they are not specially made for flossing orthodontic appliances, implants and crowns even though they can. You should be careful not to floss such dental features at high pressure as the RediBreeze can deliver high-pressure water streams that progressively wear them down.

With no handle per se, there is also no way to regulate the water pressure of this oral irrigator besides turning the faucet’s knob or level. This also means that the RediBreeze can only produce a steady stream of water and not water pulses. Furthermore, without a reservoir, you cannot use the RediBreeze to floss with mouthwashes. Also, the included hose is quite short and if you want to share the flosser with your family, you need more than the two tips included.

The RediBreeze Oral Irrigator is a simple, inexpensive water flosser that overcomes one of the major limitations of faucet-powered flossers with its waterway switch. It is quiet and lightweight and uses no electricity or batteries. However, it is not portable, has no water pressure selector and only fits standard American sink faucets.