voip service – ITP 2017

With ITP VoIP service, you get free inbound calling to Canada and Puerto Rico with all plans and a free second line, making it especially useful for busy families or home businesses. It’s one of the most feature-rich services of all the providers we reviewed. However, it charges for some of the more useful features that other VoIP providers include in their plans.


ITP charges a setup fee that covers the cost of the phone router the service provides. While the fee isn’t expensive, many of the VoIP services we reviewed don???t charge a setup fee at all and include a router at no cost. This service also charges extra if you want a virtual phone number and a softphone. The mobile app, a useful feature for making cheap overseas calls on your cell phone, also costs extra. If you have a business and want to have a toll-free number, then you pay extra for that. Fax support costs extra, which might be a consideration if you have small business needs. Overall, ITP charges for more features than the other internet phone services on our lineup.

However, if you are interested in basic service in your home, ITP has a lot to offer. Standard features include call transfer, speed dial, caller ID, three-way calling, call waiting and 411 directory assistance. This internet phone service provider also includes some interesting features that help set it apart from the competition, including the ability to record calls, program a wake-up call and set up Do Not Disturb times that block all incoming calls. These are especially useful features if you are looking to use this service for a home office. This service integrates with Outlook, so you can make calls by clicking on the number in your contacts list.

Another great feature for a home business is the free second line. With this, you have only one phone number and pay for only one plan, but you can make and receive calls as if you had two separate phone lines. This is also useful if you spend a lot of time on the phone and need to make and receive a high number of calls.

ITP is relatively simple to use. The service provides detailed instructions for its phone adapters and a few user guides. However, the overall FAQs/Help section is not searchable and may require a lot of clicking to drill down to the answers you need. Nonetheless, you can get one-on-one support over the phone and through a customer support form on the ITP website. ITP scored the lowest in help and support. When we tried contacting this company over the phone, it took multiple attempts before we received helpful answers, and agents never called us back when they said they would follow up with our concerns.

ITP is good voice over IP provider. It delivers good performance, installation simplicity and features that are especially useful for a home business. It charges for many phone features that other services include in their plans but has some unique features no other service we reviewed offered. Overall, it’s a service worth considering.