voip service – 8×8 2017

8×8 is one of the best VoIP services and focuses on business rather than residential plans. It can work in a home and is worth considering if you have a home or small business. This service can provide cheap calls to 40 different countries, including cell phones in other nations. 8×8 offers custom internet calling plans, tailored to your business’s needs.


If you have a home business, it can include home VoIP with the office service. The 8×8 mobile app enables you to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a VoIP telephone. This app does more than just let you make cheaper calls when your phone is connected to the internet. With it, you can do everything you could do with your office phone using your mobile, including recording calls, viewing and deleting faxes, and even making video phone calls to other 8×8 users.

This internet phone service provides all of the essential calling features, including call waiting and caller ID. Further, it has call transfer and a free second line, useful features when using this service for your business or your house. For additional fees, you can set up more phone lines, obtain a toll-free number, and send and receive faxes using your VoIP line.

This service shines in the Fortune 500 features it brings to the home office. You can project the same professionalism of major companies with hold music and an auto attendant to direct calls and change your phone greeting between business and non-business hours. Plus you get conference calling that can include up to 15 people.

If you are interested in community service numbers, like 411 Directory Assistance or 511 Traveler Information, you must pay a small by-call fee. This may not be an issue if you don’t use these often, but they are a convenience provided by many other services.

8×8 provides you with numerous user guides and manuals, which are useful if you???ve never used VoIP before. It also provides a comprehensive FAQs section, which can help you troubleshoot any problems you run into during setup or while using the service. The instructions are illustrated, though there aren’t any videos, but the help site is not searchable. 8×8 also provides toll-free telephone support and live chat on the website during regular business hours. Also, when you sign up for 8X8, you receive personalized attention from an agent who helps you set up your account.

8×8 has a business VoIP focus and is not necessarily meant to provide voice over internet protocol for a home exclusively. However, the company can accommodate home and business in a combined plan that lets you get the best of both worlds. Because this VoIP solution focuses on office functions while including your residential phone service as well, it is especially well suited for home businesses.