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The average human has the ability to hear frequencies of 20Hz to 20kHz. The Sennheiser PC 230 has a frequency response that is anything but average. This VoIP headset has a speaker frequency response that begins with a low of 18Hz and peaks at 22kHz. This makes it an ideal USB headset for streaming music and playing online games because you’ll hear everything that you are meant to hear. The standard VoIP headset has a frequency range optimized for VoIP calling, but the PC 230 is optimized for all the audio you listen to.


Even the microphone has an above-average frequency response with a range of 80Hz to 15kHz. This makes it ideal for capturing your voice for both VoIP calling and for speech-to-text applications. You can even use this microphone for light vocal recordings for podcasts.

Unfortunately, for a UC headset with such a wide frequency range, it lacks an acoustic shock protection system. Acoustic shock is a loud sound that occurs unexpectedly and can cause damage to your hearing and the speakers. These loud sounds can be caused by feedback from the microphone picking up the sound of the speakers, electrical overloads passing through the USB connection and other incidents. The damage to your ears can lead to tinnitus and hearing loss.

The biggest flaw of the Sennheiser PC is the lack of comfort features. All of the headsets in the PC series of multimedia headsets use the on-ear design with a foam cushion. The on-ear design can cause ear soreness after a few hours of use because it puts pressure on your ears instead of your head. While foam cushions make the headset more affordable, they can cause rashes to develop after hours of use because of their abrasive texture. In addition, none of the headsets incorporates a headband pad for comfort on top of the skull.

One consolation with the comfort features is that there are three different wearing styles available in the series. The PC 141 has a neckband style, which is ideal for avoiding hairstyles and sensitive scalps by placing the vertical pressure of the headset on the back of your neck instead of the top of your head. The PC 121 is a mono headset that uses an ear-hook style similar to Bluetooth headsets, though it uses a cord.

The Sennheiser PC is a VoIP headset with a response frequency range that gives great audio for all your multimedia needs. Even the microphone has one of the best frequency ranges, making it great for VoIP calling, speech-to-text software and vocal recording. However, despite the quality of the audio, it’s not a comfortable headset for prolonged use because of the foam ear cushions and the on-ear design.