voice dialers – Personal Assistance, 2017

The Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II (PAVDII) offers a lot of functionality and features and is designed to give you peace of mind by providing the necessary tools to assist you or a loved one in an emergency. It has several emergency features, such as a preprogrammed list of numbers it dials if you are unable to reach the phone as a result of a fall or some other distress. You do not need a landline for this auto dialer: It works with a landline, VoIP or cell phone. The unit has a 100???150-foot range. The unit comes with the phone as well as two panic buttons: one that you attach to your wrist and another that you wear around your neck. In addition, there is no monthly monitoring fee with this dialer.

The PAVDII looks like a regular telephone, but once you program in up to 30 phone numbers and record a 20-second message, it dials the preprogrammed numbers once you press one of the included panic buttons. If no one answers the call, it then dials 911. This dialer repeats the recorded message to ensure your contact has heard the complete message. If the receiver presses 0, it initiates a two-minute speakerphone conversation that can be extended by pressing zero again.

The speakerphone has an amplified volume up to 40dB, and the ringer goes up to 90dB. A bright strobe light on the phone also alerts you when the phone is ringing. One other feature is the talking caller ID that announces the name of your caller, so you know who is calling before picking up the phone.

Both of the panic buttons included with this model are waterproof and can be used in the shower where there is a higher risk of falling. Up to five panic buttons can be used with this device, so you can keep them in multiple places or have more than one person wear them. Even if the handset is off the hook, pressing the panic button activates the alert. Additional panic buttons are sold separately.

The PAVDII includes several features, including a remote 911 feature. Suppose the dialer is playing your emergency message to one of your contacts; if the receiver presses 911 on their phone keypad, the system terminates the call and dials 911. The PAVDII will then discontinue calling the rest of the numbers on your list. If you have a serious emergency and need to dial 911 immediately, you can press the panic button for five seconds, and the unit dials 911 directly.

In addition to the phone and panic buttons, this voice dialer comes with an AC power cord, telephone cord, instruction manual and a one-year factory warranty. It uses 4 AAA batteries, which are not included.

The PAVDII ensures that you and your loved ones have the help they need when they need it most. It plays a prerecorded messages for up to 30 people in the event you or a loved one have an emergency and are unable to reach the phone. Several design details, including large, highly visible buttons, portable panic buttons, and an adjustable ringer, make this voice dialer easy to use.