virtual assistants – Zirtual 2017

Zirtual is a virtual assistant solution that teams you up with a dedicated assistant who can help you manage your daily work. This company is U.S.-based, and all applicants must go through a rigorous hiring process so you can be assured that your assistant is qualified for the work. It offers fast turnaround times on tasks. You can even add additional users to your account. However, Zirtual is limited in the types of tasks that assistants can complete and the number of hours assistants are available each month.


Virtual assistants from Zirtual can manage most of your basic administrative duties such as answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing email accounts and conducting online research. However, your assistant cannot complete bookkeeping and graphic design tasks. Writing press releases is another type of task that your assistant will not be able to accomplish for you.

There are four monthly plan options for a dedicated assistant from this company. You can choose plans that range from as little as eight hours a month up to 55 hours. This is less than some such services, which allow for a full-time assistant.

Zirtual is a U.S.-based company. All its assistants have a college degree and go through a nine-step hiring process. They also undergo extensive training to ensure they are familiar with all the procedures that may be required of them.

Turnaround time for most tasks is one day. You may even receive priority turnaround time depending upon the monthly plan you choose. For an additional charge, you can also add more users to your account.

Email, telephone and live chat support are available. We are very impressed with the support we received. We sent several inquiries to the company and received quick responses from friendly, knowledgeable representatives.

Zirtual is an excellent option for a virtual assistant company if you are not looking for a full-time virtual assistant. We would like to see this service handle more complex tasks such as graphic design and press releases. However, the hiring process, location and customer support are big advantages to this virtual assistant solution.