virtual assistants – Worldwide101 2017

Worldwide101 is a virtual assistant company with assistants from many different areas of the world. You are assigned a dedicated virtual assistant who can help you accomplish numerous tasks and projects to help your business or your day run more smoothly. This virtual assistant service is much more flexible in its hours than similar companies and provides a fast turnaround time on most tasks.


With Worldwide101, your virtual assistant is available during normal business hours throughout the week to complete your desired tasks. If you need an assistant to work on holidays or weekends, this company can accommodate you as needed.

This virtual assistant solution can easily accomplish most tasks and projects assigned to them. Basic tasks such as managing calendars and responding to emails can all be done quickly and easily by your assistant, as well as more time-consuming projects such as presentations, bookkeeping and graphic design. Your dedicated assistant ??? or, if you desire, a team of dedicated assistants ??? will accomplish all of your work; your tasks are never outsourced to other companies for completion. Additionally, if your assistant is away on vacation or sick, a backup assistant is provided to you.

All of the virtual assistants from this company are qualified. However, the company does not provide any training for them. If you desire, you can train your assistant so he or she is familiar with your processes and the expectations you set.

Virtual assistants from this company are located around the world. However, you can choose what country you prefer your virtual assistant to be from if you wish. Its main offices are located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this company is its customer service. Email and telephone options are the only way to reach representatives. However, we never received any email responses to the numerous inquiries we sent. When we called via telephone, no one was ever available to speak with us.

Worldwide101 hires virtual assistants from many countries, which gives it a little more flexibility in its services and hours. We would like to see a few more requirements to become an assistant and its customer support greatly improved. However, its flexibility and ability to handle an assortment of tasks are in this company’s favor.