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Virtual Assist USA is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner. This virtual assistant service provides you with a full team of virtual assistants to help you complete your business’s long to-do list. Based in the United States, it features an all-American team who have experience and education in areas including administrative and human resources, marketing, public relations, and customer service. Three different plan options ensure that you can get back to business without getting bogged down by distractions, and without paying for more services than you need.

Assistant Duties

One advantage to using Virtual Assist USA is the specialized assistance. When you submit a request for a task to be completed, an experienced professional completes it quickly and accurately. Since your work goes to a team of assistants, you do not have to worry about sick days or vacation time; someone is always available to complete your tasks throughout the week.

Virtual assistants can handle numerous administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, data entry, event planning and research. Other areas of expertise include public relations, marketing, consulting, copywriting, graphic design and social media management. The assistants on call are familiar with numerous types of technology, including software programs and web design. Many similar virtual assistant companies are not as knowledgeable in such a wide variety of services and software.

All of the assistants working for this company undergo an extensive hiring process. Each applicant must have years of experience working in his or her designated area of expertise and an education in that field as well.

Additionally, all assistants receive extensive training throughout their employment with Virtual Assist USA. These trainings help the virtual assistants stay up to date with the latest business procedures, practices and technology. Many similar companies offer less extensive training, if at all.

Another advantage to using this virtual administrative assistant service is that it offers three types of payment plans. Many companies require payment for a dedicated number of hours each month or charge per hour or task. This company provides options to meet your specific needs. One option is to pay as you go. With this agreement, you simply pay for the help you receive from virtual assistants. Second is a retainer plan, where you agree to use the service for a dedicated amount of time (several months) and pay per hour. The last plan is based per project. The cost will vary depending upon the complexity and time taken to complete the task. With this plan, you receive a custom price quote for you and your projects.

Assistant Requirements

Virtual Assist USA also allows you to choose what day you choose to be billed each month. This adds another level of convenience that you won’t find in many similar companies.

Virtual Assist USA is based in the United States, and all the virtual assistants are American. Many similar virtual assistant services have international offices, meaning you may be working with international personnel around international hours.

The help and support available from this company is nothing extraordinary, especially when compared to similar companies. You can reach representatives to answer your questions or concerns via email or the telephone, but no live chat options are available. The company website offers a FAQs section that provides additional information about this company and its services, but you will not find many online resources about this company and its processes. The company blog does provide some helpful information, however.

Virtual Assist USA has many features you will not find in similar virtual assistant services such as you can choose your billing date and you enjoy the benefits of an all-American team. This company provides a large team of specialized assistants who will ensure all of your tasks are taken care of accurately and in a timely manner. Multiple plan options are available, and you don’t have to worry about working around international hours with your assistants. With all this company offers, Virtual Assist USA is easily one of the best options to consider when looking for a virtual assistant to handle your company’s needs.

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