video share – Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! Video is a nice site, and it certainly looks flashy. But all the pretty design makes Yahoo! Video look better than it really is. Don’t get us wrong, Yahoo! Video is a great site with lots of cool content, but it’s not strictly a video share website. There is more of a corporate agenda behind it.


This becomes apparent when you first start looking for videos. Yahoo! Video doesn’t have very much, if any, original content. You can upload videos to the site, but it looks as if the majority of content on Yahoo! Video has been pulled from other media and video share websites.

The biggest burden is wading through all the promotional material for TV shows, movies and concerts. When you go to a video share website, you want to see content that normal, everyday people have produced. You want to see bloopers, goofs, skits, rants and any other number of user generated videos. But on Yahoo! Video, much of the content is culled from TV or is a list of movie trailers. That’s great if you want clips from your favorite TV show, but there are other sites that do that better too.

Frankly, Yahoo! Video isn’t a place for regular people to post their videos, it’s just one giant commercial. Add to this the fact that the viewing pane feels cluttered and isn’t the easiest to use, and it’s easy to see why Yahoo! Video didn’t make it higher in the review. It’s a cool site with lots of content, but it either doesn’t have what you are looking for or gets upstaged by the top 5 video share websites in this review.