video downloader software – iTube Studio, 2017

iTube Studio by iSkysoft earned the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award Winner for best online video downloader software, for many reasons. Chief among them is that this program makes is extremely easy to download, convert and optimize online videos.

Download & Convert

There are two ways to begin a download using iTube Studio. The first is pasting the URL of the video you want to download into the application itself. The other is to use the applications browser plugin. When you find a video you want, you just have to click on the download button at the top of the video playing.

Many video-hosting services store different versions of uploaded videos. This is mostly due to the various resolutions they use to serve up video based on the speed of an internet connection. iTube Studio allows you to choose the resolution of the video you download.

You also have the ability to download only the audio of an online video. This is convenient if you’re downloading an audio-centric video such as a music video, a lecture or a podcast. Once you have the audio, you can sync it to a device like a smartphone or tablet and listen to it the same way you would any other audio file.

One of the most useful features of iTube Studio is the ability to convert downloaded videos into different file formats. Not all media players are compatible with all video formats. If you download a file that doesn’t work with your player, you can convert it into 16 different formats. That should cover any media player your computer happens to have installed.

Even more useful than the format converter itself is the fact that this video downloader can optimize your videos for playback on any device you’re likely to own. There are more than 100 preprogrammed optimization profiles for devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming systems and set-top boxes. If you have a device from a mainstream manufacturer, it’s probable that iTube Studio can optimize your download for it.

Ease of Use

It should be noted that this software is virtually identical to our Gold Award winner. What differentiates the two is the fact that this software doesn’t have a mobile application that complements the downloader software or enables you to transfer videos to your mobile devices via a Wi-Fi connection.

This video downloader features an integrated web browser. This allows you to surf the web looking for the video you want to download without having multiple applications open. Alternatively, you can use the browser plugin to begin a download without having to open iTube Studio. These two features make finding and downloading the videos you want efficient and simple.

Another convenient tool found in iTube Studio is the ability to automatically convert or optimize videos as soon as you download them. All you need to do is select the format or device you want for your video and turn on the Download Then Convert toggle button at the top of the download queue. This saves you time if you prefer all your videos to be in the same format and don’t want to convert them all manually.

The download manager in this program is also quite easy to understand and use. It’s separated into three self-explanatory sections: Downloading, Finished and Converted. Some lesser video downloaders either lump all these into the same queue or don’t have a download manager at all.

In addition to downloading content from popular video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, this software allows you to download videos from more than 1,000 other video sites. Downloading videos from major content creators like NBC, BBC and the NFL is possible with iTube Studio. In short, if you can get the URL of a video, this downloader software can capture it and transfer it onto your computer. You can find a complete list of all the supported video services on the iSkysoft website.

iTube Studio is a stable program that runs smoothly. During our testing phase, it didn’t crash once. However, there are rare cases when you’ll have a technical problem or question. iSkysoft has a robust FAQs section that should be able to answer most of the problems or questions you’re likely to have.

Compatible Services

In addition to the FAQs section, iSkysoft offers online tutorials for all its products. These tutorials give you step-by-step instructions on how to use iTube Studio and all its tools.

If those options don’t solve your problem, you always have the option of emailing iSkysoft directly with your specific problem. You can even use Twitter to get support. The company usually answers your query within 12 hours during the week and within 48 hours on the weekend.

Help & Support

iTube Studio is nearly the perfect video downloader software. It’s easy to use for anyone who has a basic understanding of computers and the internet. It has the ability to convert and optimize your downloads for nearly any device you own. It works on any video service you can think of and offers more support options than almost all the products in our side-by-side comparison.