video doorbells – ieGeek, 2017

Editor’s note: A new model of ieGeek’s Video Doorbell is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate the new model when we next update the Video Doorbell site. Meanwhile, enjoy our write-up below about the ieGeek.

The ieGeek 7-inch video doorbell allows you to monitor visitors to your house or business without ever opening your door to them. The monitor screen lets you see a large image and the intercom function gives you the ability to talk with the guest, if desired. You can customize audio and visual settings directly on the monitor, and even let guests in with the press of a button.

This camera captures video or photos of visitors to your house or place of business with a ??-inch CMOS image sensor, and you can view footage of visitors on the large 7-inch color LCD screen. You can also view anybody who comes to your door at night or in low-light environment with the night-vision infrared camera. The infrared feature boosts the quality and visibility of visitors on your camera doorbell.

The video door intercom is built of aluminum alloy, which is durable and stylish. It is oxidation-proof and has a rain shield to protect the lens and preserve image quality against small amounts of rain. However, it is not waterproof against rain or snow. It works in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, which is -4 to 132 degrees Fahrenheit.

With this video intercom doorbell, you can opt to talk with any visitors, as well as adjust the talking volume of the conversation. You can also customize your doorbell tone, as the device comes with 12 ringtones for you to choose from. Additionally, you can adjust the ringtone volume or mute the doorbell tone altogether whenever you???d like, which is especially handy if there are times you don???t want to be disturbed.

The ieGeek 7-inch video doorbell has a large monitor, which lets you easily view videos and photos of your visitors. An infrared camera feature allows you to see a clear image, even at night. It is even rather weatherproof though it is not waterproof. An intercom function lets you talk with guests while keeping your door shut, and multiple volume and video options let you find the right settings for your home or business.