video conferencing services – Zoom 2017

Zoom is a video conferencing solution that can be tailored for small businesses and large corporations. Meetings can include 25 participating video streams, host up to 200 viewers or listeners, and include 10 or more hosts.

You can host HD video conferencing with HD audio in Zoom’s simplified interface. You can view a gallery of participants, or use a main frame with smaller thumbnails across the top. If you use dual screen, or have multiple screens in your conference room, you can have multiple full-screen video feeds in several layouts. Zoom will automatically move the speaker to the primary frame.

Zoom allows you to share your host screen, or other participants can share theirs. Even Zoom???s app allows users to share screens or access documents or other mobile apps, including documents from the Dropbox app.

Your attendees can annotate the screen using markup tools and text with the whiteboard features. Zoom can record meetings to your computer or to the cloud. You can chat with individuals privately or groups. In webinar fashion, individuals can indicate they have questions with a raise hand feature.

Zoom???s application allows you to schedule meetings or create them instantly. Microsoft Outlook integrates with Zoom for scheduling and building contacts, and Google Chrome has a browser extension for integrated web video conferencing.

Zoom works with your existing conference room video systems, including endpoints from Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize and others. You can use these systems and simultaneously include users with desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Your employees can also join meetings by dialing in over VOIP, or they can choose to receive a phone call from Zoom. As a host, you can assign responsibilities, like a scheduler, use a vanity Zoom URL or your own domain, and include your own company branding and cloud. Zoom also sells video conferencing systems for campuses, webinar services and healthcare businesses with unique security needs.

Whether your business only requires small gatherings or large-scale meetings, Zoom is a good option for cloud video conferencing. Zoom???s professional display, HD video and audio, and customizable packages make it an attractive service for organizations that want to integrate video conferencing into their existing communication.