video conferencing services – Cisco WebEx 2017

Cisco allows you to run completely web-hosted meetings. You can stream presentations and videos, as well as share files, from a centralized WebEx server. You simply send an email, then your participants log in and the online video conferencing begins.

WebEx has a professional-looking display. You are limited to six participants in a video conference, but the experience for those attending is a very simplified and sharp display. In its most simple form, you can view all the participants in smaller windows at the bottom of your screen. The largest space near the center of your screen automatically shows the active speaker. Once another person speaks, they take over the largest panel on the display, keeping your attention on the dialogue.

For more options, the browser-based meeting can show a series of dropdown menus. You can share files, video, audio and presentations in an active window. You have the option of sharing any application on your computer by selecting the active windows on your computer, or you can show your entire desktop. You can also give control of any document to other users to work collaboratively, and even work remotely on other participants??? desktops.

WebEx has a built-in browser that can be viewed or shared among your participants. There???s also a virtual whiteboard that all your users can work on. You can record the video or audio from the meeting, then save it to your WebEx account or computer. WebEx does require that you save the videos in its own proprietary format, but they can be changed to more common file extensions via other programs.

The service’s communication options are well-integrated. You can drop your individual video feed during the cloud video conference and replace it with a terrestrial phone call, or you can initiate your participation in the meeting by phone on the road, then replace it with video once you???ve arrived at your destination. You can also have WebEx initiate phone calls to bring participants in.

Cisco ensures secure video conferencing services ??? your participants can be required to log in with passwords, and the video has end-to-end encryption.

WebEx is a good web video conferencing service for your company, particularly if you need your meetings hosted in the cloud and want a professional look to your meeting. WebEx meetings only allow for six participants, but it???s a feature-rich service. Cisco WebEx does sell separate services for larger gatherings and webinars.