video capture software – Fraps, 2017

Fraps is one of the most well-known video capture software programs, and in many ways it lives up to its reputation. The recording and editing tools offer some rare bonuses like cropping and WAV conversion, but it’s missing comprehensive support services that keep it from being in our top choices.


This will capture streaming video as well as streaming audio, and the video quality turns out well. Fraps is also a webcam video capture service, and you can record both from online sources and desktop sources. It lacks scheduled recording, which is a helpful feature to anyone with a busy schedule.

Fraps also comes equipped with a comprehensive set of editing tools. Cropping is a valuable tool, especially if you need to fit and alter your videos. Fraps is popular as a video game capture tool, but that should not dissuade you from using it for desktop video capture. The only editing tools noticeably missing from Fraps are watermarks, clean-up audio and converting audio files to MP3. We are pleased to see you can crop, take screenshots and zoom with the editing tools.

The one area in which Fraps comes up short is help and support. Even though Fraps has some informational sections on its website that explain the more vague sections on its interface, it does not have a phone number. There are user forums, but if you do not automatically get a reply to a post, then you might be out of luck trying to obtain information or help right away.

Another rather surprising feature missing from help and support is tutorials. That will make this software difficult for a first-time user to get the hang of. There is also not a user manual, which could explain some of the technical tasks with video capture software. We expected much more from reputable software.

Fraps has plenty to offer people with experience, whether it is as a professional or a YouTube aficionado. There are enough editing tools to make it worthy of your attention, especially the rarer ones like cropping and screenshots. However, if you want something that will serve as more of a guide, and feels easy to use without outside assistance, then Fraps isn’t the best choice.