vacuum food sealers – VacMaster PRO260, 2017

The VacMaster PRO260 Suction Vacuum Sealer features commercial-strength vacuum suction, but is easy enough to use at home. The double-seal finish this product gives means your food stays fresher longer.

The VacMaster PRO260 Vacuum Sealer uses 220 watts of power and a dual piston pump system for commercial-grade suction and food storage. The PRO260 sealer width is 12 inches, which allows you to seal wide packages of food. This vacuum food sealer model offers several vacuuming options, including a one-touch ???seal now??? option or a ???pulse??? option for more delicate items. An ???extended seal time??? option allows you to seal thick, heavy storage bags. Having these options lets you create a custom seal, based on your needs.

This food sealer offers many convenient features. Because the Pro260 is hands-free, you can use your hands to more accurately position your food bags. An LCD panel display clearly shows your vacuuming options. Also, the lid automatically locks. With other vacuum sealers, you have to listen to a click to guess whether or not the system is closed and ready to seal.

The PRO260 uses a double seal on each bag, which creates an ultra-tight, fresh seal. A spill tray captures most food and liquid droppings, which makes an easy cleanup. At 10 pounds, the body of the PRO260 is heavy, but not bulky.

The PRO260 Vacuum Sealer comes with several handy accessories as well. The sealer comes with a built-in accessory hose, which is compatible with large food storage containers. One is included with your purchase. Using a larger canister for sealing allows you to vacuum seal large food items that would otherwise not fit in a vacuum seal bag. This package also includes dual bag roll dispensers that fit 8-inch and 11-inch rolls, and a convenient built-in roll cutter. The vacuum food sealer kit also includes 20 bags, two rolls, a half-quart canister and a user manual.

Users have reported that the lid doesn???t always seal completely without manual pressure, which could be an issue. Other users have commended the sealer???s suction and durability. This is one of the best food vacuum sealers in its price range, giving you commercial strength for a decent price.