vacation rental management software –, 2017

The Lodgix vacation rental manager is a web-based solution for booking online, managing guests and accounting. With WordPress plugins, web integration and help desk integration, Lodgix offers the same services as vacation rental management software plus cloud offerings.

A cloud-based program makes the Lodgix vacation rental manager accessible from any device. This allows you to quickly check up on your units, schedule housekeeping or check incoming payments right from your phone.

Live customer support and a messaging system allow you to instantly answer tenant and guest inquiries from your mobile device, allowing you to respond more quickly and rent more quickly. The vacation rental manager also includes automated responses, greetings and messages to guests when they rent property, check out or make a payment. This allows you to greet each guest without taking the time to do so personally.

With two-way synchronizing with and HomeAway and features that connect with WordPress websites, you can use the vacation rental manager to integrate online booking into your services. Bookings from these services synchronize to the vacation rental manager, allowing you to see them instantly. You also get credit card processing so that you can accept payments in WordPress.

Reporting allows you to see what you are making, guests logging in, maintenance and cleaning, and other expenses at a glance. Similar to vacation rental management software, it combines all of your data for the month and presents it in a printable document for your records.

You can also create a variety of documents directly in the property manager to either upload or write rental agreements, confirmations, waivers and instructions, which you can then send to guests automatically.

Sophisticated online booking options allow you to create options for ordering travel insurance, creating a digital signature and choosing a time to book using a built-in calendar. This allows guests to choose all of their specific options without having to call you first.

QuickBooks integration adds to the already robust accounting and data-management tools. You can also keep track of all of your maintenance and housekeeping, including regularly scheduled and emergency visits.; An integrated email-marketing platform allows you to send emails to all of your previous guests with the vacation rental manager. This allows you to offer discounts, retain consumers and create repeat business whenever possible.

With a variety of online property management, accounting and reporting functions, Lodgix offers vacation rental management suitable for both property managers and individuals.