uninstaller software – Total Uninstall 2017

If you are looking for an uninstall program with the basic tools to clean off your hard disk, Total Uninstall can do the job. Total Uninstall completely removes junk files and makes a backup of everything before you begin the uninstall process. While it does lack such aspects as an evidence remover, a Windows startup tool and a registry optimizer, it will thoroughly remove any file you need it to.


Total Uninstall covers all the basics of program removal. The hallmark feature of Total Uninstall is how easy it is to remove programs. The drag-and-drop removal tool lets you take a shortcut on the desktop, and Total Uninstall will locate and prepare the program for uninstall and remove all traces of the application.

Total Uninstall analyzes your files, from toolbars to internet files and junk files. It will find leftover files from software that have long been removed, but you have to tell Total Uninstall what to remove, which we love. This software won’t remove anything without your permission, saving you from the stress of deleting something you still need. The force-uninstall feature lets you manually add programs (drag and drop) that you can’t remove. We were pleased to find this feature worked no matter how many times we tried to trick it.

One drawback to these removal features is Total Uninstall groups everything together. There is no tab browsing and when you run a scan, all the types of files are listed together under one log. This software still gives you the option to choose what you want to remove, but it won’t break it into sections like junk files or browser files. Unfortunately, there are no tools to remove Trojans and adware or a Microsoft Office cleaner.

Total Uninstall offers a few monitoring tools with its software. It monitors changes to your registry every time you install or uninstall an application. During this time, the monitoring feature creates groups and organizes the files installed for easy removal in the future. Total creates summaries and detailed information for each installed or monitored program along with a log each time you uninstall. Plus, this software creates a backup for all your files before you uninstall, letting you easily restore any accidental deletions.

We were pleased with how quickly customer service representatives replied to our emails, and we assume your experience would be similar. There is no phone number to call, but the forum and Uninstall blog offer you a plethora of answers to questions about how the software works.

Total Uninstall software efficiently removes any unwanted and excessive files left on your computer. It can create backups for those files as well as restore points for accidental deletions. The software does lack the ability to remove adware, remove Trojans and do batch uninstalls, but it is a complete uninstaller that will remove and monitor all your files.