uninstaller software – Ashampoo Uninstaller 2017

Editor’s note: There is a new version of this software available. We reviewed version 5, but version 6 is the latest. We will evaluate, rank and review version 6 of this product when we next update the Uninstaller Software reviews.

Uninstall & Clean

Remove, clean, maintain. Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 uses these simple steps to make and keep your computer healthy. This uninstaller tool creates a seamless integration between itself, your computer and the uninstalling and installing of software. Ashampoo has real-time monitoring, a startup tuner and an infobar for immediate feedback during installation. It earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award in our lineup of software uninstallers. While Ashampoo won’t create logs for applications installed prior to using this removal tool, it will create logs for any software you install after. This allows for discrete installation of parent applications and their subfolders.

Initially, Ashampoo gives you two choices to remove files from your system ??? either doing the job manually or following the wizard, which is extremely helpful. When you scan your computer, this uninstaller software detects when software searches for third-party applications during installation and creates a log file about what it found. This lets you selectively remove unneeded parts of software without harming the main application. Ashampoo will locate any leftover files from previous installations, analyze them then determine if they are safe to remove.

Ashampoo makes very detailed logs during installation and uninstalls, making it one of the best uninstall software products on the market. These logs only record modifications that are actually related to installation routines of your applications. This creates smaller records and allows for uninstallations that are more efficient. You can also use Ashampoo to install software. This allows for real-time monitoring of applications the whole time it is on your computer.

One thing we love about Ashampoo is its clean interface. This software uses tabbed browsing, and interactive guides accompany everything. The initial screen shows how to uninstall and install software, and it displays tools for system maintenance and monitoring. Everything such as overviews, registry optimizer and even startup tuner is all just one click away.

Ashampoo is one of the few applications that use real-time monitoring when installing software. If you choose to install some program using Ashampoo, it analyzes the process from beginning to end. A log is made which shows you what can be removed or even what wasn’t installed because it wasn’t needed. This means less work for you since the Install Guard automatically triggers installation monitoring. Ashampoo detects the most common setup routines and automatically starts recording.


Another set of functions Ashampoo offers you is system maintenance and administration tools. A font manager lets you manage and delete installed fonts. Some fonts actually contain malware in them, harming your system. Ashampoo analyzes this and tells you what fonts need removed.

This uninstall software looks at any programs that are preloaded during the initial Windows startup. Using the startup tuner, programs can be set to stay off during the system boot. On older computers, this time can be a difference of a few minutes. And since Ashampoo has HTML report generation and constant internet support, it finds relevant information on all software quickly.

Ashampoo lets you manage restore points and back up data. Every time you are set to uninstall or scan your system, you can create, apply and delete Windows system restore points or have Ashampoo do it automatically. Also, you can toggle the Windows system services, such as OS updates, speeding up your system. The software also backs up everything, unless you want to delete the files permanently.

The Undeleter restores accidentally deleted files that are still on your hard drive. These files, such as ones you remove from the Recycle Bin, are overwritten by other data but remain on your disk. Ashampoo’s Undeleter can scan and locate these files and determine the status of the file and whether it is recoverable.

We found the reps at Ashampoo very helpful. You’ll probably never have to wait more than a few business hours for replies to your emails. The site has a large FAQs database, and creating an account will give you access to more detailed support. It only takes a few minutes and we recommend it. The site constantly offers information regarding updates and bug fixes, so a visit to the website is always worthwhile.

Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 is one of the best uninstallers you will find. This tool goes beyond cleaning your system of unwanted files and bloatware, although it does that really well. You will be able to remove files left behind from previous uninstalls and monitor anything you install in real time. And best of all there’s a well-designed interface that makes all of this very easy.


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