tv wall mounts – ProMounts SFTL, 2017

The SFTL wall mount from ProMounts is meant to align almost flush with the wall, and you can unlock it to tilt up to 15 degrees up or down. The option to tilt it down makes it possible to install your flat-screen TV high on the wall. The tilting option also makes it convenient to adjust the TV’s level for different viewing preferences or to limit glare from lights or windows.


Made of steel, this wall mount is sturdy enough for you to trust it with televisions 30 to 63 inches that weigh up to 150 pounds. We find this range of sizes pretty impressive, especially since you can use the mount with several different kinds and sizes of televisions interchangeably. You can buy one mount and use it for a lifetime. While you probably won’t have an issue with TVs being too heavy for the mount, the high weight capacity ensures safety.

ProMounts includes a detailed installation user manual with this TV bracket. It shows you which hardware you should use for mounting the frame to different types of surfaces. The packaging also includes all of the hardware you will need. For example, when installing the wall mount into a brick-and-mortar surface like a fireplace, you will need a different type of lag bolt than you would for a drywall surface.

Not only can you tilt the TV according to your tastes, but you can also adjust it horizontally on the steel rails. Once you’ve chosen the perfect position, the EZ Lock system locks the screen into place. ProMounts advertises its EZ Lock system as theft prevention as well ??? it won’t be easy for thieves to take the TV off your wall.

It is interesting how ProMounts spreads out information on its website. For its higher-end products like the UT-PRO310, ProMounts has downloadable user manuals and a lifetime warranty, but for other products like the SFTL, the company offers limited support on its website. You can email the support team or call during normal business hours, but there are only a few self-serve support options; you won’t find any FAQs or installation videos. You won’t find a reference to a warranty of any kind for this particular mount either.

The ProMounts SFTL is a quality mount with several important features. We are particularly drawn to the EZ Lock system and horizontal adjustment capabilities, but the low profile is by far the most appealing feature. We only wish ProMounts offered more customer support on its website and a warranty that protects its customers, as the best TV wall mounts have.