tv calibration – TV-Tuneup Calibration Disc

If you’re looking for a solid and affordable TV calibration disc, then the TV-Tuneup Software TV Calibration DVD is just what you’ve been looking for to help you calibrate your standard definition television. There are plenty of calibration tools, a blue filter and tutorials to walk you through adjusting your TV, step by step. It lands in 8th place on our list because, while it claims to be designed for HDTVs, it isn’t.


The TV-Tuneup Software TV Calibration DVD is fairly easy to use, thanks to the tutorials available to you as you navigate through the disc’s menus. They will walk you through each process and test pattern, step-by-step, so there’s no confusion whatsoever.

It may take longer to calibrate your TV when you go through each tutorial, but once you master using the calibration tools, you can just go straight to the test patterns. Regardless, the process should take no more than 30 minutes. We recommend calibrating every 3-6 months, depending on how often you use your television.

The disc comes with a solid set of video calibration tools that will make the professional happy, including an assortment of test patterns to help accurately adjust your TV’s color (chroma and hue), brightness, contrast, sharpness and geometry. The geometry settings ensure that shapes look normal. For example, common shapes like circles and squares may look stretched out, so this disc helps you adjust your TV to make sure those shapes look right.

A special blue filter is included, which makes calibration easier. You simply hold it up to your eyes while adjusting your TV to the appropriate test pattern, such as calibrating the chroma and hue. Most every TV calibration disc we looked at comes with this blue filter; this tool makes the job of calibrating much simpler and faster.

Overall, we found the TV calibration tools on the TV-Tuneup Software TV Calibration DVD to be adequate for adjusting your standard definition television. However, you will have issues trying to use this disc with an HDTV.

The TV-Tuneup Software TV Calibration DVD is in standard definition (SD), which is ideal for SDTVs. We saw it bundled with HDTVs and listed on some sites as ideal for HDTVs, standard definition and high definition have too many differences to make this an ideal TV calibration disc for HDTVs.

Besides resolution (1080p HD is about four times greater than standard definition), color is processed differently between the two TV formats. Not to mention the facts that there are different aspect ratios (16 x 9 vs. 4 x 3) and that HD audio is rated higher SD. Unfortunately, you won’t get an accurate HDTV calibration using standard definition TV calibration DVDs.

Aside from the tutorials, there isn’t much other help. If the disc is bad, you can have it replaced from the site you bought it from.

Overall, the TV-Tuneup Software TV Calibration DVD is a solid disc that will accurately adjust the picture on a standard definition television. The tools and tutorials will help you get started, and your TV will look better for it. This disc is not ideal for HDTVs because the disc was created in the standard definition video format.