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The Waring Pro Rotisserie TF200B electric turkey fryer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to outdoor turkey fryers. You’ll be able to fry a large turkey in just over an hour, and the unit really does most of the work for you. Its frying abilities and plethora of safety and convenience features helped it rise to the top of our lineup and earn our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award as the best turkey fryer.


You can fry up to an 18-pound turkey in this turkey fryer, and it will cook a turkey that large in just over an hour. This size capacity is pretty standard for an electric unit, along with being able to fry this size of turkey.

One of the most unique things about this indoor electric turkey fryer is its ability to rotate the turkey automatically as it cooks. The rotation helps the turkey cook more evenly all around, and you don’t have to do the rotating yourself, like you would with an outdoor propane turkey fryer.

It has a Btu (British thermal units) capacity of 6,142. While this is significantly less heating power than outdoor units have, it is sufficient to fry a turkey quickly and efficiently.

Since cooking with oil can be dangerous, we were happy to see that the Waring Pro Rotisserie electric turkey fryer is packed with safety features. The most important is its auto shut-off feature. This makes sure the unit doesn’t overheat and the oil doesn’t get too hot. If the oil reaches a temperature over 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooker will shut off automatically. Additionally, once the unit has shut off, the oil must cool completely before it can be turned back on.

This turkey fryer comes with a cooking basket and a lifter to help you safely lower and raise the turkey. The cooking basket keeps the turkey suspended in the oil so the meat cooks on all sides. The basket has two plastic handles that are easy to grip so you can easily lift and lower the turkey.


You also get a vented lid on this unit, which allows the hot steam to escape the reservoir while the turkey is cooking and not remain trapped inside until you lift the lid. While the turkey is cooking, the lid must remain shut.

Although this unit is very safe to use and includes many safety features, it’s very important to follow the cooking instructions and read the safety tips provided in the user manual before using this product. Indoor electric turkey fryers, however, are much safer than outdoor propane units due to many reasons. For instance, it’s easier to control the temperature, and you get a lot more safety features all around.

This turkey fryer is packed with convenience features – some of which other electric and propane turkey fryers don’t include. For instance, this unit has a built-in timer, which is incredibly convenient. The timer is located on the top of the unit on the control panel, and can be set from 25 minutes up to 120 minutes.

We were happy to see that this unit had a drain valve. The drain valve makes emptying the excess oil out of the reservoir after you’re done cooking simple and quick. It also includes a drain hose, which can be connected to the valve for even easier draining.

You also get a meat thermometer with this unit, which is pretty standard for a turkey fryer. The meat thermometer will help you determine when the turkey has cooked fully internally. All you have to do is open the lid – just make sure it’s not while the turkey is still cooking – and insert the thermometer into the turkey to see if it has reached the right internal temperature.

This unit has two indicator lights – a power light and a ready light. The power light will shine when the unit is on, which will remind you to turn it off when you’re done cooking. The ready light will shine when the unit is preheated to the desired temperature.


The Waring Pro Rotisserie turkey fryer is backed by a lengthy five-year warranty. This is substantially lengthier than the standard one-year coverage you see on most turkey fryers. For help and support, you can contact Waring Pro by phone or email, but the company doesn’t offer a live chat function on its website, which can be a convenient and fast way to get customer service from a manufacturer.

We were happy to see that Waring Pro provides the product user manual and instructional videos on its website. This makes it simple to reference them anytime you need further information about how the unit works. Additionally, the Waring Pro website answers frequently asked questions about the unit that you can reference at your convenience.

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The Waring Pro Rotisserie TF200B indoor turkey fryer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, or frying many other kinds of foods, quickly and safely. You get a load of safety features on this unit, and you’ll be able to fry a turkey in just over an hour. It also includes a handful of convenience features that make using the unit very simple, quick and low maintenance.