treadmill – Bladez T 2017

The Bladez T500i treadmill has a large deck that allows you to walk or run at up to a 12 percent incline and use programs to help you achieve your workout goals. You can take advantage of the multiple heart rate monitor options and even connect your phone or MP3 player to work out with music or a training video, making getting in shape a simple and straightforward task.


Whether you want to use your treadmill for an occasional casual walk when the weather’s bad or to train for an upcoming hike or marathon, you can easily work toward your goal with the T500i. Though it lacks the capacity to adjust to a declined angle, you can change the incline angle up to a 12 percent grade. For when you prefer running over walking, the treadmill can go up to 12 mph.

It has a large deck, measuring 60 inches long and 20 inches wide, making it plenty functional even for runners. The motor is a 3.5 continuous-duty horsepower (CHP) motor, which is more than the standard of 3.0 CHP, making it well-equipped to handle the long exercise sessions of runners or frequent walkers. The treadmill is best for users weighing up to 350 pounds.

Like all the best treadmills, the Bladez T500i has a quiet motor and deck, letting you exercise in peace. It also has built-in shock absorption for your comfort. You can easily monitor your heart rate as you exercise by using either the hand grips or the wireless chest monitor, whichever you prefer. As you monitor your heart rate and other workout stats, you can walk, jog or run to one of the 16 built-in workout programs or create a custom one. However, the treadmill lacks the convenience of internet connectivity, so you’ll have to get workout videos from your other smart devices if you like to use them. The treadmill also only allows one user profile, so your family or roommates won’t be able to get the most out of it if they share it with you.

The treadmill offers a few extras to cushion your workout experience. It has built-in speakers with an audio port in case you want to plug in your MP3 player to listen to music while you run. It also has an integrated cooling fan, helping you maintain your temperature. When you finish your workout, you can fold up the deck for space-saving storage.

Have some peace of mind knowing that the frame and motor are covered by a lifetime warranty. Both electronics and parts are covered with a three-year warranty. Additionally, labor has a one-year warranty. You can contact the company directly via telephone or email; however, there is no live chat option. You can also check out a digital copy of the user manual on the company’s website.

The Bladez T500i treadmill makes it easy to go for a quick run or create and follow a custom workout program. Its large deck easily accommodates your running stride, and its heart rate monitors keep you informed of your workout stats. Backed by several warranties, this treadmill makes going for a walk or jog a cinch.