travel bottle warmer – Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer 2017

The Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer helps you stick to your baby’s feeding schedule, even when you are away from home. Once it’s prepared, you simply bend the metal disc in the pouch and it begins heating your baby’s bottle immediately. While it is convenient after it is prepared, this travel bottle warmer requires boiling water to activate the heating pad and lots of planning on your part.


This portable bottle warmer does not use electricity to heat up a bottle. Instead, it uses heating pads that require activation before each use, which is inconvenient when you are in a hurry. To reactivate the heating pad, you boil it in water for at least 15 minutes, after which you must wait for the water to completely cool before removing the pad. The entire activation process can take 30 minutes or more, not including the time it takes to actually heat the bottle. The bottle warmer takes an additional 30 minutes to heat the bottle.

Unfortunately, the Transportation Security Administration does not approve the heating pads because there is a chemical solution in each pad, so you cannot use this bottle warmer for any air travel. Since the heating pads require boiling water, you’re limited in where and when you can use this portable bottle warmer.

While the insulated case helps with portability, you have to take the bottle out of the case and remove the heating pads before giving it to your baby. Both the pads and the bottle remain hot, making it hard to handle the bottle and potentially dangerous for your baby to hold.

With headquarters in California and offices in Europe and Canada, Prince Lionheart has a network of support options available to customers worldwide. You can call or email customer service with any questions or concerns or search the FAQs page. You also can access the instruction page for the product on the website.

While the Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer effectively warms bottles when you are traveling, you have to devote time to planning all of your trips, as the bottle warmer requires activation before each use. Also, be aware that the hot pad and bottle can burn your hands or your baby’s. Between the long activation and heating time, this bottle warmer does not serve as a quick method of heating your baby’s bottles.