top load washing machine – Top Load Washing Machine

As a traditional top-load washing machine, the Frigidaire FFTW1001PW offers what you might expect: the essential cycles and wash options but not much more. For the most part, this is true. However, the manufacturer included a stainless-steel washtub, which is far more durable than a plastic or porcelain wash drum.


Unlike many newer models, this top-load washer is not Energy-Star certified. The annual energy cost to operate this machine is about $46, and it uses 425 kilowatt hours of energy. It uses a fair amount of water, too, but not the most on our lineup. Also, this unit has an automatic water-level sensor, which adjusts how much water it uses according to the load of laundry, so you don’t over or underuse water. The best washing machines have roomy wash drums, but Frigidaire falls short with its 3.4 cubic feet, which is smallest drum of those we reviewed.

This top-loading washing machine doesn’t have as many wash options as other units, especially compared to the high-efficiency washers on our list, but it does cover the basics. You can choose from eight cycles, including casual, bedding and delicates.

You don’t have a choice of soil-level options with this top-loading washing machine. However, there are five wash and rinse temperature settings, including automatic temperature control. Status lights on the machine’s console let you know the current stage of your laundry’s cycle, including when you can add any last-minute laundry.

This top-loader has a short warranty. You get one-year limited warranty for the entire machine, including the motor and washtub. If you need to contact Frigidaire for help and support, you have the option of phone, email or live chat on the company???s website. User manuals, installation instructions and the unit’s Energy Guide are also available for quick download from the product page.

The Frigidaire FFTW1001PW top-load washing machine has a basic selection of wash-cycle options to cover your general laundry needs. Its washtub capacity of 3.4 cubic feet is on the small end, but it’s made of stainless steel, so it should last. However, this machine is not Energy-Star certified, and you will pay more annually to operate this unit.