toaster – KRUPS KH, 2017

The KRUPS KH includes several higher-end toasting functions. It has the basic bagel function, which lets you toast the cut side of the bagel only. Additionally, there is a defrost function, which allows you to place frozen breads into the toaster without having to first thaw them, and a cancel button, which allows you to end the toasting cycle at any time. The KRUPS KH two- and four-slice toasters also include a reheat function. This function reheats your toast without browning it any further. That way you can have warm toast whenever you want it, without standing over the toaster waiting for the toasting cycle to finish.


The stainless steel and chrome finish on the KRUPS KH is a visual delight. The finish helps this toaster look great on any countertop. Yet, the design aesthetic does come at a price to functionality. There is no hideaway cord on this toaster. A hideaway cord lets you wrap the cord up out of sight when you store the toaster, helping it to take less storage room. Additionally, the casing is not cool to the touch. When you are using this toaster, the sides will heat up enough to burn your skin. This makes the KRUPS KH somewhat trickier to use than other toasters. This toaster does come with a removable crumb tray. This is great for quick clean up and prevents you from having to turn over the toaster to shake it clean.

The KRUPS KH has a two-year warranty. A standard warranty for a small appliance like a toaster is usually only a yea, so a two-year warranty is very generous. KRUPS has good customer service. You???ll find digital copies of all user manuals on the company website. There???s also a help line for product questions and warranty help.

This toaster???s design will look great in any kitchen. The shiny stainless steel and chrome give this toaster an elite aesthetic. It also functions well toasting breads. Yet, the heat shielding on the toaster is lacking and there is no hideaway cord. The lack of these elements makes it less appealing than other toasters that have a similarly attractive design.