thermoses – Starbucks 2017

The Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler is a low-tier thermos model that is simple but practical. Stylish and functional, this travel mug is not leak-proof, so needs to remain upright, but is a good option for keeping beverages warm while in the car or office.

For a secure grip, this tumbler has a band of rubber around the body, which helps to prevent it slipping through your fingers, particularly when it’s wet or when you’re wearing gloves. To prevent the travel tumbler slipping off a surface, it would benefit greatly from a band of rubber around the base, too. However, the rubber gets scuffed and marked easily, and small dirt and debris particles can get trapped in the joint, which makes it difficult to clean and detracts from the overall appearance of this model.

The Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler does not feature a handle, and while this may be a drawback for some people, it allows the slim, tapered travel mug to fit neatly into most vehicle cup holders. It has a spill-resistant lid that screws onto the top of the cup and features a flip-up top for easy drinking access. However, it’s not entirely leak proof, so when it contains liquid, you must keep it upright. Therefore, while this is a good choice for the daily commute, you cannot use it while hiking over rough terrain, and it cannot be stored in a bag or picnic basket.

This stainless steel, double-walled thermos travel tumbler uses vacuum insulation to maintain its interior temperature for extended periods, although the manufacturer doesn’t specify exactly how long this is. With a 16-ounce capacity, this tumbler provides a single serving, so isn’t the best thermos for sharing or for all-day hydration.

Unfortunately, with a metal body, this insulated mug isn’t safe to use in the microwave. Additionally, the BPA-free tumbler isn’t scratch-resistant, so is not suitable for the dishwasher. The exterior isn’t particularly hard wearing, so scratches fairly easily, which ruins the attractive metallic finish.

At a relatively low price point, this travel tumbler offers good value, although it isn’t particularly versatile. Because the lid isn’t leak-proof, you can’t lay the mug down or tilt it excessively to store it, so it’s only useful where you can put it in a cup holder or on a flat surface. On the plus side, it has a tapered design and a rubber band around the middle to give you a secure grip.