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Biblio is a small, privately held, self financed company located in Asheville, North Carolina. It initially started out as a book comparison engine, but in 2003 launched into a full-blown marketplace. Since then, it has built one of the greatest and most varied inventories of textbooks online.

Features and Product Selection

Standout Features

Biblio.com is a resourceful location to find used books, rare books, and textbooks online, with more than 55 million books from thousands of independent sellers. Biblio does not warehouse any inventory like AbeBooks and Half.com; rather, it provides a convenient medium for buyers and sellers to exchange textbooks online.

Biblio???s website is professionally constructed, easy to use, and helpful to new customers. You???ll see a list of helpful tips for saving on new and used textbooks online when you click on the ???textbooks??? tab at the top of the page. Next to the tips is a simple search box, enabling searches by ISBN, author, and title. Below the simple search box are two links ??? one for advanced search options and another for a multi-ISBN search. The multi-ISBN search is similar to what Alibris uses. You can enter multiple textbooks ISBNs and receive the most affordable ones available.

Each seller has a homepage on Biblio.com listing their e-mail address, mailing address, payment methods accepted, shipping rates and terms of sale.

Biblio is a worldwide network of independent sellers of textbooks online. Therefore, each seller???s shipping methods and prices can be different. Most sellers offer multiple shipping options, such as standard, expedited, and overnight. Many ship internationally.


When viewing a product page, clicking the ???shipping rates and speeds??? link will inform you of a seller???s shipment methods and prices. Most offer discounted shipping rates for multiple items.

The help section at Biblio.com is comprehensive and covers many frequently asked questions. Helpful tips are scattered throughout the website, encouraging new users to utilize Biblio???s services to find their textbooks online.

Customer service representatives are available for contact via e-mail only, but they do a good job of responding to inquiries in a timely manner.

Biblio customers are entitled to return a book for a full refund, including shipping costs, if a textbook never arrives or if the actual product differs from the item???s description. Most sellers will accept returns or exchanges if a buyer changes his or her mind, but some sellers may not accept returns for these reasons. Customers have a 30-day window to initiate returns or exchanges for textbooks online.

Biblio has found its niche with book buyers and sellers across the globe by bringing its hometown roots into the worldwide marketplace. You???ll have a rewarding experience when buying your textbooks online, because Biblio??? s closely-knit staff provides friendly service and a massive inventory.


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