text message marketing – SimpleTexting, 2017

SimpleTexting provides numerous effective tools for text message marketing campaigns. This service offers a comprehensive set of tools that enables you to facilitate two-way communication with your contacts. SimpleTexting includes many of the most basis SMS marketing features, in addition to extra resources that make this service worth considering for your text message alert campaign.


This service has strong features. It allows you to send message blasts or conduct voting and polling among your contacts. Using this service, you can also set up auto-responses. These messages can be sent out over days, weeks or even months. These messages can provide your customers coupons or simply keep your product at the top of your contacts’ minds. This SMS marketing service also allows you to send multimedia messages to your contacts. Sending a picture or short video is a great way to bring someone’s attention to your product or business.

The user interface through SimpleTexting is easy to use and makes managing your mobile marketing campaign hassle free. The clean interface is simple to navigate and intuitive to use. In the platform, which you can access from any desktop computer, you can import your contacts with the click of a button and go back through to add personalized information about each contact. You can also schedule tasks and messages for later dates. For example, you can create a text in October advertise a New Year’s sale and set it to be sent in December.

Using this platform, you can see your campaign results and analyze the data. It is easy to view reports on your subscribers, which keywords are most productive and how your contact lists are growing. You can also track which links you have sent out have been the most popular to gauge the success of your campaign.

You can reach customer support through email or phone. The Contact Us icon on the top of the company webpage pulls up an email form for you to enter your information and question. While this form is useful, it would be more helpful to have more information on the Contact Us page. Also, there is no live chat feature provided, which is often useful for quick questions.

SimpleTexting offers a comprehensive set of features to help you with your text message marketing campaigns. While it has some shortcomings in the help and support section, it is overall a very strong competitor.